How to avoid a First Date Disaster!

You have finally caught her eye and not just spoken to her you have also managed to secure a first date with her – yippee!!!

life is looking good – great in fact especially as the World Cup is around the corner and the sun is starting to shine!

Hold your Horses

The very worst thing you can do is to dive into the date head first without making some preparation, so we will give you tips on the best type of preparation to make in terms of attitude, style, venue, l’amour etc.

Take the Reins

Most girls won’t admit it but they actually like their men to be decisive and sure of themselves, in fact just a hint of arrogance in a man can reassure her that he does have a brain and a backbone – too much of course would just result in her feminist instinct raising its judgemental head. Have a game plan and organise the venue, her interests and what clothing style into consideration so that you can tell her all of the arrangements in advance and there will be no awkward moments – also if she winces when you inform her of the venue you can make a swift rebooking somewhere more appropriate.  Apparently women love surprises but as with everything they like to be surprised and prepared. Remember be a gentleman not a caveman!

Choose an Appropriate Venue

Please please find out if she has any dislikes before you plan the date of the century because it could be a deal breaker if you take her to a steak house when she is vegetarian or to a rock concert when she would rather go to an opera.  A girl likes to feel relaxed and comfortable because it is so easy for them to become up tight when they feel edgy.

Look Tidy

Please please don’t fall into the trap of believing that your favourite scruffy jeans and Glastonbury t-shirt would impress her in the context of a first date.  You must take into account the fact that she will have been preparing for this date the moment it was arranged, she will have held crisis meetings with her friend on line and in the flesh regarding her beauty regime, dress, shoes, hair, conversation and many more topics that men are completely unaware of.  Remember after the date she will be holding an evaluation conference with her friends leaving no stone unturned so it is vitally important that you show that you have made an effort.

Blazing Saddles – well blazers

All of these references to horsey phrases are cool – just because you must be some kind of stud to need this advice in the first place.  We think that a blazer is truly the way to go because it can transform any outfit into a cut above the rest.  A blazer would definitely compliment any dress she may have chosen and will make you feel very smart and glad you made that choice.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that blazers are restrictive and stuffy because there are many designs to choose from that will suit the occasion and your own personal likes.  This Farah Vintage blazer is very stylish and tidy and would certainly please the lady you are dating.

blazer farah vintage

You have One Mouth and Two Ears

This is a popular phrase used by teachers and parents alike to the chatter box in the room who doesn’t listen to a word anyone has got to say.  Please take notice of this and listen twice as much as you talk by asking questions and listening to her answers.  Avoid intense subjects and discussing past relationships – you don’t want to put the fire out before it has ignited.

To kiss or not to kiss

If it looks like the timing is right and the opportunity is there then go for it – please don’t look as if you are going to kiss her and then change your mind – it can really destroy the moment.

If the date went well and you both really liked each other then get in touch with her – in this day and age playing the waiting game is so yesterday – girls have mobile phones these days!  They don’t have to sit by the phone all day any more waiting for your call!




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