Avoid Committing These Fashion Disasters

Even in today’s fashion conscious environment we are all still prone to dropping fashion clangers that are repeated year after year.  Most of them are due to the perpetrator choosing comfort over style and being misguided in their approach to their attire.  The fashion faux pars we have selected in this article are ones that seem to reoccur time after time in similar pieces of writing so must be the most difficult mistakes to rectify.

Sandals and Socks

What’s that I hear you say? Never in a million years! Well sorry guys it does happen and is a fashion crime committed by all men not just crusty science teachers with tan sandals and beige socks. If it is warm enough to wear sandals then just wear sandals – if the weather is a bit iffy and you fear that your tootsies will go blue then wear shoes like deck shoes or other light foot wear.


Too Many Designer Labels

We love designer labels – so much so that we can’t list all of the ones that we love some favourites include; Original Penguin, Duck and Cover, Scotch and Soda, Farah Vintage, Franklin and Marshall, UCLA and many more.  As you can see even bragging about our favourite designer labels is overwhelming; so imagine how overpowering wearing a cacophony of labels would look.  Two common errors we make when wearing labels is: – having everything we are wearing sporting the same label, including our underwear and socks! Another one is mixing and matching different labels, which succeeds in making us look comical rather than sophisticated!

penguin shorts

One Pair of Shoes for all Occasions

We know you are showing how frugal and resourceful you are by making your rather expensive gym trainers go with every outfit you own but in the fashion world it is just not the done thing – unless you are a student of course.  For a start you don’t want to make your trainers dirty with everyday mess such as; mud, beer or scuffs – that would just not be considered acceptable in the pristine gym.  Invest in a couple of pairs of shoes that will suit different occasions, make sure that the dressy shoes in particular are of a style that will not go out of fashion and you will always be able to dress your feet according to a variety of occasions.  Invest in some street trainers that will allow you to look casual and save your sporty trainers for the gym. One more thing – please wear socks!!!!

Too Much After Shave

A hint of after shave is very attractive and gives the impression of careful grooming and pride in your appearance – too much and you will make everyone around you cough.  If you kiss anyone when you have a lot of fragrance on you are likely to cause their cheeks to sting a little.  Remember people are attracted to each others’ natural odours in the form of pheromones and the chemistry that you are trying to achieve is by finding someone whose natural smell attracts you.  If you don’t smell like yourself you may miss out on meeting your soul mate.

Wearing Trousers the Wrong Length

Our last piece of advice is to make sure that you choose the right length of trousers to fit your legs, this is simply because they just don’t look as good when they bunched up around your ankles and creating turn ups by rolling them up would look as if you had been working on a farm in the Deep South of America.  Avoid this problem by either measuring your inside leg yourself or getting someone to do it for you!

original poppy levis jeans

Photographs of Penguin shorts and Original Levis Poppy Jeans curtsey of www.stand-out.net  


One comment

  1. Yes, I wonder how can’t some people see how much better sandals look without socks.
    Yes unless one has really nasty feet, but if you wear shorts you are supposed to groom yourself (:.
    Hey one exception should be made though, as sandals as still a cooler footwear than shoes for warm months, if someone has really ugly feet no matter what, give him some slack and let him wear socks, he’s making us a favour.
    I recommend being creative with them and match them in an elegant way.

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