Month: June 2014

It will be Time to get the Legs out very Short-ly!

Do you love this time of year when you can bare your legs for all to see or is it something you put off for as long as possible until your legs can’t take the heat any more, or are you actually neither and just pretty laid back about the whole situation? Whichever option it is, we say, do not be afraid of the shorts! Believe it or not but paired with a stylish shoe or a button down shirt, shorts can be a very sophisticated look.

So how short do you like your shorts? There are some that say short length should go down an inch with every decade a man ages.  But is there anything wrong with seeing a man’s knees in the summer or should they be kept firmly hidden? All we would say is don’t go for a Speedo (unless you have the physique of an Olympic swimmer…or a Speedo model)!

Whether it’s shorter shorts or below the knee that you prefer there are, as you would expect, plenty of choices out there to choose from; denim or cotton, camo or plain, Bermudas, chinos, board shorts or swim shorts, it is entirely up to you.  Personally we love these smart Bellfield chino shorts, they come in a few different colours and are both smart and casual with a nice matching belt.  Can’t you just imagine yourself out on a boat, at the beach, at a barbecue, lounging around the house, or all of the above,  in these? Plus you have some option in the length – roll them up or down to suit your own taste.

With the sun due to appear very short-ly, if you are in need of some shorts-piration (ok, that one didn’t work so well) here’s Pharrell Williams, a man who proves he can work a variety of shorts styles very successfully.

Let us know in the comments your preferred length and style!






Swimming into Summer

Are you heading off somewhere nice this summer, or maybe just for a paddle in the local lake?  Either way you will be needing some swim shorts to take full advantage of the sunshine!  Swim shorts are an item that you can definitely be a bit daring and fun with; as much colour and as many patterns as you like, you can’t really go wrong!

Long or short, loose or tight, colour or black (it is not recommended you wear white!), plain or patterned, there are just so many options to choose from but you will find that any of those options will suit the majority of men’s body shapes and types.  Original Penguin is a classic brand that always delivers great on-trend clothing for men and they have a great range of swim shorts out at the moment.  Whether it’s something really bright and cheerful you are looking for or something with just a splash of colour. They are currently on sale here if you want to take a peek.


original penguin swim shorts

Original Penguin True Black Lagoon Bird Swimshorts

Are you Afraid of Florals?

Florals have always been, and still are, a prominent feature in women’s fashion but right now they are making their way over to men’s fashion too! It looks like florals are a big trend for 2014, both on the high street and in a lot of the top fashion designers’ collections.  Now that summer is just around the corner, there is no better time to be pulling out the floral prints.  If you do choose to give them a try, and you wear them well, they are the ultimate sign of masculinity.  They don’t all have to be bright and bold either if that is what you are afraid of.  Some of what we saw on the catwalks for Spring was shall we say, quite daring?  You also don’t need to be decked out in it from head to toe; in fact I would recommend definitely not doing that.


Something subtle like this floral shirt from Animal can be a great place to start, smart and casual and great for both the day and evening!  But by all means go with the bright and daring if you prefer, just remember to pair a print or pattern with something plain and simple to even it out and spare yourself from looking like a walking flowerbed!

Goodhew. Sockwell.

These sound like a great idea for a father’s day present!

Notes From Dawn

Two brands for great socks.

Everyone in the family can look good & feel good with these made in the USA, natural fiber socks. Have fun filling up your socks drawers with Goodhew’s everyday socks and Sockwell’s therapeutic socks. Check out all their modern designs!


Our socks are crafted using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques in world-class American mills. Helping preserve jobs, support local economies, and manage our carbon footprint.

Crafted in the USA

GOODHEW JASMIN CREW: This is a thin knit sock  that has a comfortable fit and a stylish look. I’ve worn and washed them several times and haven’t noticed any fast-happening heel wear. That’s good ’cause a sock with a worn out heel is sad. Like any jacquard knit, the bottom does get some pulls. 

Spandex throughout sock
Jacquard Knit Design
Flat Toe Seam


30% Merino Wool
30% Bamboo Rayon
35% Stretch Nylon
5% Spandex


left, crew; right…

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