Are you Afraid of Florals?

Florals have always been, and still are, a prominent feature in women’s fashion but right now they are making their way over to men’s fashion too! It looks like florals are a big trend for 2014, both on the high street and in a lot of the top fashion designers’ collections.  Now that summer is just around the corner, there is no better time to be pulling out the floral prints.  If you do choose to give them a try, and you wear them well, they are the ultimate sign of masculinity.  They don’t all have to be bright and bold either if that is what you are afraid of.  Some of what we saw on the catwalks for Spring was shall we say, quite daring?  You also don’t need to be decked out in it from head to toe; in fact I would recommend definitely not doing that.


Something subtle like this floral shirt from Animal can be a great place to start, smart and casual and great for both the day and evening!  But by all means go with the bright and daring if you prefer, just remember to pair a print or pattern with something plain and simple to even it out and spare yourself from looking like a walking flowerbed!


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