How to look Like Robert Pattinson



Whether you have watched the Twilight Trilogy because your girlfriend has forced you or just because you actually like watching the films yourself there is no disputing that Robert Pattinson has the ability to attract the ladies and drive them wild.  We were first introduced to Robert Pattinson in the film, ‘Goblet of Fire‘, from the Harry Potter franchise where he ends up dead after a bloody thirsty competition.  He has played a dead or indeed undead person ever since in his role of Edward in Twilight.

We are not suggesting that you apply white make up to your face and starve yourself so that you can get the hungry vampire look – unless of course you are Gothically inclined and in that case go straight ahead.  No we are thinking more about what he wears in his spare time and his gear is pretty cool.

The Shirt

G-star shirt

This dark denim shirt by G-Star  is a perfect match to the shirt worn by Robert in the introductory photograph. It’s slim fit and gorgeous detail wil certainly get you looking like a super star.

The Long Sleeved T-Shirt

duck and cover long sleeved t-shirt

This white long sleeved T- shirt from Duck and Cover will fit perfectly under the denim shirt – all you have to do is roll your sleeves up to get the look.

The Jeans

levis jeans

These black Levis 501 classic fit jeans  complete the look where your threads are concerned and will ensure that you resemble Robert Pattinson where ever you go.

The Shoes

h by hudson

These H by Hudson boots will round off the outfit and compliment the dark blue of the denim.


All you need now is to look a bit tired, dishevel your hair a bit  and look at your hearts desire with the intensity only a vampire can possess.




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