Is Men’s Designer Fashion Becoming Too Feminine?

This week saw the first Toronto Men’s Fashion Week happen (also know as TOM). There aren’t many fashion events purely just for men, this being Canada’s first, but some of the collections have come under steam for being too feminine.  This is undoubtedly something we are noticing in high end fashion; that men’s clothing is looking more and more like women’s clothing. Is it ok to blur the lines and be a little androgynous or should men always dress like ‘men’?  

During the week, a collection by designer Mic Carter was dropped from the show because it was described as too feminine.  Known for his often gender crossing clothes, some of Carter’s latest collections have included male models in cropped shirts and skirts.

Where should men be drawing the line, or in fact should no line be drawn at all?  Of course you aren’t going to see many me wearing exactly what’s been debuted on the catwalk, as with any high fashion display, but the new trends we see from these high end designers do work their way one way or another into the high street stores.  Florals for instance, have slowly but surely made their way onto men, with a big rise in the trend in 2013 and 2014.  As has wearing pink as well, now seen as perfectly normal and acceptable by a lot of men and women.  However, we can’t help but feel that most men would draw the line at these flowing sleeves and dress like creation. Either way we are excited to see where men’s fashion will go in the future and who will follow the trends.


TOM dress

Fashion does cross the gender lines and it is a common sight for us to see the women of Hollywood flashing a full suit or tuxedo from time to time in place of a pretty girly dress so just for viewing pleasure here’s some A-list women rocking some suits and showing men how it’s done.


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