Colour Blocking for Men

First question: What is colour blocking?
Second question: Can it look good?
Third question: Where can I get my own?

1. Colour blocking refers to wearing two or more contrasting colours together e.g a green t-shirt and some purple trousers (sounds scary doesn’t it?!)

2. Surprisingly, yes it can….when done right. Have a look at some model men and some celebrity ladies doing it right.

Color blocking for men 3


Here are a few tips to make sure you are doing it right:

– Don’t go over the top i.e don’t wear a neon colour with another neon colour, or try and make every single item and accessory a different colour. 

– Some safe colour combos – matching blue with a yellow can work well, grey with pink, red with black. Plus you can get away with a whole lot more when you are for instance at the beach; a bright green tee shirt and some blue shorts can look great. 

– If you aren’t too sure, pair a bright colour with a  more neutral colour.

– Avoid patterns

Most stores will sell bright items that are all one colour.  You can actually get a colour blocking look at a bargain price if you shop around as a lot of brands’ plain colour t-shirts are often one of  their cheaper, staple items. Below are some purple cord trousers from Cordings, available in about 15 other colours too!

If you aren’t ready to go full outfit colour blocking, why not try one item that is already colour blocked for you. For example a tee-shirt like this one from Mark and Spencers or some socks by Lyle & Scott.


blue colour block

Colour Block Sock by Lyle & Scot


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