Month: September 2014

Foray Clothing – A Fabulous New Brand!


Foray Clothing is a fantastic new brand that is starting to make its mark amongst the more established brands throughout the world.  They are so new that they haven’t even got a website – all we can determine is that they were established in England this year (2014) and are prepared to take on the big boys in the competition of dressing the worlds young men.

Foray Clothing are obviously ready to fight for their place amongst brands such as; Levis, Diesel, Farah Vintage and Duck and Cover because their Twitter description is a definition of Foray,  ‘sudden attack or incursion into enemy territory, especially to obtain something; a raid’. Like Duck and Cover, they are prepared to deal with whatever the fashion industry throws at them.

foray tshirt

As you can see Foray Clothing adds a simple twist to very classically designed garments.  This grey t-shirt manages to incorporate the view finder logo in a clever way to decorate it.  Maybe it would be advisable to avoid going to a shooting range in this t-shirt because the centre of the view finder cross is right in the middle of your chest.

rampage jeans

As you can see Foray’s Rampage jeans are made to look as if you have picked up your jeans off the bedroom floor and put them on.  At last boys it is fashionable to look creased and the iron can stay on the shelf.

We know that you can buy Foray Clothing from Stand-Out.Net so if you would like to look at the range they have available click on the link here  


Franklin and Marshall Have Arrived In Covent Garden London.

For those of you who are great fans of Franklin and Marshall clothing and missed the announcement in April when a new flagship store was opened in Covent Garden London here is a reminder.

Franklin and Marshall

If you are unfamiliar with the Franklin and Marshall brand here is a brief history.  Franklin and Marshall is a famous college in Lancaster Pennsylvania which was established in 1787 by President Franklin Roosevelt.  In 1990 the campus was visited by two Italian designers who were inspired to redesign the Alumni clothing.    Back in Verona in 1999 Giuseppe Albarelli and Andrea Pensiero designed their Franklin and Marshall range of clothing and put the famous college on the catwalks.  The combination of American and Italian design has resulted in iconic clothing that will stand the test of time.

A Good Pair of Shoes is Like…

There is no doubt that every man should own at least one pair of decent shoes. One that you hold above all other shoes as the king of shoes. We’re not talking about trainers, sneakers, running shoes or sandals here, we are talking a grown up pair of smart shoes. It really is true what they say – you CAN learn a lot about a man from his shoes, so your shoes need to make a good impression.

There is a downside though: a fine quality smart shoe can set you back quite a bit. However, if you are good to those shoes they will be good to you. Trust us, it will be worth it because a) they can change your entire outfit, and b) everyone notices them.

Here’s couple of pointers to look out for when you take our advice and head out to buy your new shoes 😉

– All the materials on your shoe should be organic, not synthetic.

– The sole should be stitched onto the shoe, not glued.

– Pick up some polish when you are there because these babies will need cleaning up every now and then.

– Consider what you will be wearing them with and go for a versatile style that will work with your current wardrobe because, after all, if you are splashing out of some new shoes you may not be able to afford any new clothes for a while so make sure they will work together!

Now here comes the part where I make some possible shoe suggestions to you.  In all honesty I only ever have one nice pair of shoes at a time and so do not have a lot of comparisons for you, however, I CAN recommend the brand that I always go with which is Jeffrey West. A classic English shoe. I love them because, firstly, they are made with fine craftsmanship and superior quality but also because they mess with the traditional ideas a bit. Their shoes stand out to me when I walk past them in the shop more so than any others and they have definitely served me well, accompanying to countless weddings, dinners, interviews and my first job (I’d like to add that I’m pretty sure I owe that job to the shoes…and for that I thank them personally). There are obviously tons to choose from but here are a few of my favourites styles.

Jeffery West Kenda Burgundy Scarface Chukka Shoes


Jeffery West Lavato Tan Scarface Shoes


Jeffery West College Honey Scarface Bar Loafer Shoes

Jeffery West Charcoal Metal Black Pino Dagger Tattoo Shoes


“Good shoes will take you good places”


The Noblest Rogue

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has come a long way since being that awkward, quirky kid who-was-actually-an-alien in ‘3rd Rock From The Sun’. He upped his game when he starred in blockbusters such as ‘Inception’ and ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ and I’m certainly looking forward to seeing him in ‘Sin City: A Dame To Kill For’, which is currently on the movie circuit. What Joseph has also upped in recent times is his style. Perhaps not at the top of the Most Stylish Men list and with a way to go before he reaches the style heights of James Dean and Nick Wooster, there is still a lot to be said for the simple understated style which Joseph throws out there.

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