Month: October 2014

7 Step Plan for the Modern Man…

It can be tough staying healthy and in tip top condition as a modern man but just by following these simple steps you can make a difference and ensure you are always at the top of your game!


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Winter is coming…

So, Winter is coming! (…how many times have you heard that recently? Game of Thrones fans you’ll know what we’re talking about). Winter means it’s time to get the coat out/buy a new coat/both because you an never have too many coats in our opinion. Whatever your preferred coat style whether it be puffa, Parker, trench, anorak, ski, leather, denim, we are going to recommend some wool coats to you today.

Sometimes a ski jacket or your parka isn’t ideal to wear into the office or for an evening out. This is where a wool coat comes in. Wool has the two big advantages of being naturally water resistant and also very insulating (think sheep on a hill on a rainy day in winter). They can be quite an investment so make sure you consider what sort of fit, style and colour would be best for you as there are many to choose from.

Military Blazer Jacket by Guide London

grey military

Grey can be a great colour for a coat as you can wear it with black, blue, brown, anything really. The military style is one that has been around for a while and will be for a long time to come so this jacket will stand the test of time.

French Connection Salute Double-Breasted Jacket


A double breasted jacket immediately steps up your smartness game and make you look very masculine. This will also keep you warm on the winter commutes across town.

Take a Look at 53 Dapper Male Editorials

Take a look at this fashion editorial of very smartly dressed men in some *interesting poses and places…showing how fashion has evolved over time. Dapper, high fashion isn’t just for the ladies you know.

dapper cat

*slightly odd

Are Boxers The New Outer Wear For Women?

For many years girlfriends have been, ‘borrowing’, clothes from their boyfriend’s wardrobes and worn them in tantalising and seductive ways. The most frequently borrowed item from a bloke can literally be the shirt off their back.  If your girlfriend is slim and considerably smaller than you your shirt can make the most delightful mini dress you could ever imagine.  Worn with a silk tie around the waist and very little else this piece of improvised clothing is enough to make you late for the train in the morning. We will never forget Julia Roberts walking around Rodeo Drive in her impossibly short blue hooker skirt and Richard Gere’s  shirt tied seductively at the waist thus enabling her to use his credit card to the best of its ability.


Boxer Shorts

A very brief article in the Guardian seems to suggest that young women are now resorting to stealing the concept of men’s boxer shorts as an alternative to hot pants.  To be perfectly honest the examples they have used to demonstrate this possibility are so weak that the likelihood of your girlfriend wearing you boxer shorts out of the house is likely to be very small.  Apparently Rhianna is one lady who has decided to sex up her outfit by wearing a lose pair of white shorts, resembling boxer shorts, whether she looks sexy or not is in the eye of the beholder – I think the fact that she is wearing a bra top does finish the entire look of the outfit though!

Rihanna shows off her phenomenal physique at an NYC nightclub

Boxers To Impress Any Girl

Whether your boxers will actually be worn by your girlfriend as a fashion accessory or not it is probably a good idea to have some good clean and sexy boxer shorts in your underwear drawer.  Here are some boxer shorts we really like the look of from,

Calvin Klein Bowman Stripe/Blue Ink Woven Slim Fit Boxers

purple boxers

Calvin Klein Cobalt Water Plaid Woven Slim Fit Boxers

blue boxers

Calvin Klein Speakeasy Stripe Woven Slim Fit Boxers

brown boxers

Polo Ralph Lauren White Woven Plain Trunks

white boxers

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Hipster is out, macho is in…

It seems that 2014 marks the end of an era (reasonably short though it may have been); the end of the hipster.Yes that is right, hipsterism has hit its peak and is no longer the ‘it’ thing as Autumn/Winter 2014 makes way for the more manly man to become mainstream.

I’ll just let that sink in for a moment and just reflect on what this means. …

If you aren’t entirely sure what a hipster is and are therefore wondering if you would even notice if they disappeared, let me elaborate, you may even be one and not realise!

If you possess any of the following traits or own any of the following items you may be a little bit hipster:

  • You own skinny jeans, ironic t-shirts or anything ‘vintage’ (if you are currently wearing all three then you, my friend, are most definitely of the hipster persuasion)
  • You wear glasses even though you don’t necessarily need glasses (and pick ones with the biggest, bulkiest frames you can find…3D glasses from the cinema seem to be a popular choice)
  • You like things that are ‘independent’ or ‘underground’ because you like to feel unique
  • You’ve only ever worked in the following places – a coffee shop, a used book shop or a vintage clothing shop.
  • You are vegan

How to be a hipster

That has barely even scraped the surface of hipsterdom and is by no means meant as a dig at our trendy friends, as without them the world may well suffer:

  • There will no longer be so much beard.
  • Coffee sales will plummet to lows they have never experienced before.
  • Instagram and Tumblr will see considerably less traffic.
  • Lesser known, obscure bands will unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on who you ask!) remain lesser known and obscure.
  • People trying to sell/get rid of retro bikes or cars will find it a much harder to do so.


In place of the hipster is predicted to be a more macho man figure of more mature gentlemanly appearance. Key trends for the Autumn/Winter of the gentleman are (drum roll please)…

  • The Trench coat – Often synonymous with flashers but don’t be put off! The trench coat is actually a great coat for either your days at work or when out and about in the evenings as it brings with it a certain air of gentlemanly sophistication.


  • Designer socks – There will be no more going barefoot inside holey, falling apart pumps but instead wearing some new socks to make that good impression. Coloured, patterned or plain it is totally up to you, as long as they are in one piece you can’t really go wrong.
  • Smart shoes – Sprucing up your footwear is never a bad idea. We’re not sure what it is but something about Autumn says brown lace ups

So what do you think, are you going to miss hipsters, are you a hipster or are you looking forward to the bright future of macho men?