Hipster is out, macho is in…

It seems that 2014 marks the end of an era (reasonably short though it may have been); the end of the hipster.Yes that is right, hipsterism has hit its peak and is no longer the ‘it’ thing as Autumn/Winter 2014 makes way for the more manly man to become mainstream.

I’ll just let that sink in for a moment and just reflect on what this means. …

If you aren’t entirely sure what a hipster is and are therefore wondering if you would even notice if they disappeared, let me elaborate, you may even be one and not realise!

If you possess any of the following traits or own any of the following items you may be a little bit hipster:

  • You own skinny jeans, ironic t-shirts or anything ‘vintage’ (if you are currently wearing all three then you, my friend, are most definitely of the hipster persuasion)
  • You wear glasses even though you don’t necessarily need glasses (and pick ones with the biggest, bulkiest frames you can find…3D glasses from the cinema seem to be a popular choice)
  • You like things that are ‘independent’ or ‘underground’ because you like to feel unique
  • You’ve only ever worked in the following places – a coffee shop, a used book shop or a vintage clothing shop.
  • You are vegan

How to be a hipster

That has barely even scraped the surface of hipsterdom and is by no means meant as a dig at our trendy friends, as without them the world may well suffer:

  • There will no longer be so much beard.
  • Coffee sales will plummet to lows they have never experienced before.
  • Instagram and Tumblr will see considerably less traffic.
  • Lesser known, obscure bands will unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on who you ask!) remain lesser known and obscure.
  • People trying to sell/get rid of retro bikes or cars will find it a much harder to do so.


In place of the hipster is predicted to be a more macho man figure of more mature gentlemanly appearance. Key trends for the Autumn/Winter of the gentleman are (drum roll please)…

  • The Trench coat – Often synonymous with flashers but don’t be put off! The trench coat is actually a great coat for either your days at work or when out and about in the evenings as it brings with it a certain air of gentlemanly sophistication.


  • Designer socks – There will be no more going barefoot inside holey, falling apart pumps but instead wearing some new socks to make that good impression. Coloured, patterned or plain it is totally up to you, as long as they are in one piece you can’t really go wrong.
  • Smart shoes – Sprucing up your footwear is never a bad idea. We’re not sure what it is but something about Autumn says brown lace ups

So what do you think, are you going to miss hipsters, are you a hipster or are you looking forward to the bright future of macho men?


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