Are Boxers The New Outer Wear For Women?

For many years girlfriends have been, ‘borrowing’, clothes from their boyfriend’s wardrobes and worn them in tantalising and seductive ways. The most frequently borrowed item from a bloke can literally be the shirt off their back.  If your girlfriend is slim and considerably smaller than you your shirt can make the most delightful mini dress you could ever imagine.  Worn with a silk tie around the waist and very little else this piece of improvised clothing is enough to make you late for the train in the morning. We will never forget Julia Roberts walking around Rodeo Drive in her impossibly short blue hooker skirt and Richard Gere’s  shirt tied seductively at the waist thus enabling her to use his credit card to the best of its ability.


Boxer Shorts

A very brief article in the Guardian seems to suggest that young women are now resorting to stealing the concept of men’s boxer shorts as an alternative to hot pants.  To be perfectly honest the examples they have used to demonstrate this possibility are so weak that the likelihood of your girlfriend wearing you boxer shorts out of the house is likely to be very small.  Apparently Rhianna is one lady who has decided to sex up her outfit by wearing a lose pair of white shorts, resembling boxer shorts, whether she looks sexy or not is in the eye of the beholder – I think the fact that she is wearing a bra top does finish the entire look of the outfit though!

Rihanna shows off her phenomenal physique at an NYC nightclub

Boxers To Impress Any Girl

Whether your boxers will actually be worn by your girlfriend as a fashion accessory or not it is probably a good idea to have some good clean and sexy boxer shorts in your underwear drawer.  Here are some boxer shorts we really like the look of from,

Calvin Klein Bowman Stripe/Blue Ink Woven Slim Fit Boxers

purple boxers

Calvin Klein Cobalt Water Plaid Woven Slim Fit Boxers

blue boxers

Calvin Klein Speakeasy Stripe Woven Slim Fit Boxers

brown boxers

Polo Ralph Lauren White Woven Plain Trunks

white boxers

If you would like to see the full range of underwear available from Stand-Out.Net Click on this link


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