Winter is coming…

So, Winter is coming! (…how many times have you heard that recently? Game of Thrones fans you’ll know what we’re talking about). Winter means it’s time to get the coat out/buy a new coat/both because you an never have too many coats in our opinion. Whatever your preferred coat style whether it be puffa, Parker, trench, anorak, ski, leather, denim, we are going to recommend some wool coats to you today.

Sometimes a ski jacket or your parka isn’t ideal to wear into the office or for an evening out. This is where a wool coat comes in. Wool has the two big advantages of being naturally water resistant and also very insulating (think sheep on a hill on a rainy day in winter). They can be quite an investment so make sure you consider what sort of fit, style and colour would be best for you as there are many to choose from.

Military Blazer Jacket by Guide London

grey military

Grey can be a great colour for a coat as you can wear it with black, blue, brown, anything really. The military style is one that has been around for a while and will be for a long time to come so this jacket will stand the test of time.

French Connection Salute Double-Breasted Jacket


A double breasted jacket immediately steps up your smartness game and make you look very masculine. This will also keep you warm on the winter commutes across town.


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