Little Winter Warmers

It is fair to say that here in the UK, Winter has most definitely arrived! So for the coming frosty and icy mornings you’ll need suitable attire to keep you from turning icy yourself.

If you prefer the matching look, there are plenty of hat, scarf, and glove sets around to tempt your fancy. If you are looking for something pretty inoffensive that will work well with whatever outfit you choose to wear them with, go for something like these from Lyle and Scott.

SO lyle & Scott3

High quality knits like these will keep your fingers from feeling the frost.

If actually you decide that you like having a warm neck but find traditional scarves have just too much material (we’re not sure if many people think this or not!) the neck warmer is becoming a more and more familiar site on men about the town. These can be really convenient as you just pop them and button them up and then don’t have to worry about them again. The one below is from my-wardrobe and will have you looking super sophisticated .


Gloves can sometimes be a pain, particularly when you want to send a text or skip a song on your phone maybe. This often means having to completely take off your glove, do what you want to do and then put it back on. Only to then get a reply to your message 10 seconds later and have to repeat the process. This is where fingerless gloves or flip mits come in very handy indeed. The pair below are from Burton and are festive and practical in equal measure.


For the novelty factor, because it is that time of year after all, so much festive fun can be had with a Christmas hat. We are personally recommending this elf hat, again from Burton. You’ll get some smiles with this, believe us!



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