Could Black Friday Encourage Crimes OF Fashion?

On Friday 28th November retail outlets all over the world will be joining America in the Black Friday Sales where online and real life shopping outlets will be reducing their prices so that we, the general public, can grab ourselves a bargain.  What we are going to look at in this post is whether the lure of reduced clothing can actually inhibit our ability to tell the difference between tasteful gear and sheer tat.  Do we just buy clothes because they are cheap and because they just about fit rather than them being what we really wanted.  Today we are going to look at the bargains that can be had on online retail sites and see what crimes of fashion could be committed over the Black Friday weekend.

Gant Military Blue All Over Polo Shirt


There are cheap polo shirts and there are expensive polo shirts but it seems that paying more for a polo shirt doesn’t necessarily buy you anything tasteful.  Now Gant is a very popular brand and is obviously rated highly for its innovative and exciting designs.  This polo shirt normally retails at £74.00 but is now for sale at Stand-Out.Net for a measly £44.00 – that’s £30 less than the original price.  Does the lure of a big brand at a rock bottom price give you the confidence to wear loud florals?

Jack and Jones Original Comedy T-Shirt


Now the question is would the fact that this rather (uhm) interesting t-shirt from Jack and Jones is only £4.00 instead of £11.00 allow you to compromise your taste?  USC are willing to reduce the price of this dancing pig wearing a baseball hat and sun glasses with an £11.00 discount.  Are you tempted?



Hey lads let’s not forget that Black Friday is great for the lady in your life – if you want to add an unusual piece of footwear to her already expanding selection then these platform trainers from will either make her laugh or cry.  We can’t really think of the best place to wear these except for if your garden is flooded in the rain.

Satin Leopard Print Shorts


If you are an animal in the bedroom then these satin leopard print shorts from may just be what you are looking for.  With a 50% reduction in price these gorgeous tasteful shorts are a steal for £9.00.

Men’s Sheer Black Boxer Briefs


These sheer black men’s boxer shorts from are only £3.45 and have received great reviews about their comfort.  Are you man enough to wear them or would you rather stick to conventional boxer shorts?

Well we have had a little look at what is on offer this Black Friday.  Have you ever committed crimes of fashion and do you still have the offending items?


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