Novelty Christmas Jumpers – Yes or No?

Over the last couple of years, Christmas jumpers have become a rather big deal. Here, we started noticing them in mid-October!  They also seem to get more and more ‘novelty’ shall we say! What do you think, are they a good fun? Or serious crimes against fashion? We can’t quite decide.

If you are prepared to splash out on an item of clothing you most likely will only wear for a few days of the year,  ASOS have a massive range of Christmas novelty jumpers ranging from elves, to snowmen, to reindeer to Christmas dinners and everything in-between.


image1xl (1)

Or are you too cool for Yule? If a big fluffy snowman or tinsel hanging off your top half isn’t your thing there are of course plenty of other jumpers out there to tickle your fancy. Cable and patterned knits have also come into their own over the past few years and they are slightly more versatile and wearable throughout the whole year!

Fairisle patterns are really popular at the moment. They subtly say winter and festivities without being too Christmassy plus they keep you nice and warm! This knit by Gant is easy on the eyes and bang on trend.


Or this Red Herring jumper from Debenhams


Whatever your preference there are plenty about at the moment. If you’re quick you might even be able to snap yourself up a Black Friday deal too!


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