Month: December 2014

These Were The Top Trends For Men In 2014

Let’s take a look at what was ‘in’ for 2014 according to Trend Hunter…(we feel some you should take seriously and some maybe not so much…but we’ll let you decide which!) Check out the full list here.

Flowery Men’s Fashion

We’ve definitely seen more than the average amount of floral men’s clothing this year and we have to say we like it. From flowery shirts, to shorts to hoodies to trainers, who says men can’t wear flowers? They can, and they shall!


Mature Child Star Editorials

Daniel Radcliffe is growing up and transforming his young, wizarding ways into those of a dapper young chap. We say he’s doing a pretty good job too!


Chic Gentlemanly Luggage

A leather holdall or messenger bag is a symbol of manliness and sophistication. Excellent work and travel companions, a leather bag is equated with the good life and demands a certain respect.


Glamorous Couture Streetwear

Street wear took a step up this year. We saw designs and mixes of styles. Crisp, clean and edgy, the urban came together with the classy and a number of new clothing brands started their collections based on this in 2014.


And a couple of the more questionable trends….

Conceptual Disguise Editorials

This particular editorial is a series of kid-inspired outfits described as a ‘playful nod to childhood’ and a wild imagination.


Exaggerated Hip Hop

Now this look we have seen on a few of the big male music stars of 2014…and to be honest they are probably the only ones who can get away with it (though maybe even that’s debatable!)


So, how many trends did you follow this year?


Last Minute Gifts For Your Man!

Are you cutting it a bit fine with your gift buying this Christmas because you still don’t know what to get the man/men in your life? DON’T PANIC! Breaking away slightly from purely just fashion, here are a few ideas that will make great presents no matter what your budget or what he might be into!

Diesel Trunks


Breaking bad box set


Jack & Jones Hoodie


Game Vouchers


Set of British Beers


Messenger Bag


Ultra Phone Charger


Winter Travel Clothes

Are you taking a trip this Christmas? Maybe you are off somewhere exotic to escape this cold, wet weather. Maybe you are off to somewhere extra wintery for a proper white Christmas. Or maybe you are just heading up the M6 to spend time with family. Whatever your plans are, we are going to make sure you travel in style with some of our Winter travel outfit advice.

The Clothing

The main thing when travelling is to think about your comfort, especially if you are travelling far. Think broken in jeans or chinos, t-shirts, knitwear and a nice jacket or coat.

winter travel look 1 copy

The knit jumper, the chinos, the t-shirt, the coat

The Accessories

The man bag is the ultimate accessory and can really complete an outfit. If you are just going away for a few days or to need something for hand luggage, a leather holdall is perfect – smart and sophisticated. You’ll want shoes that won’t hurt after wearing them all day and also something that slips on and off easily is especially handy, particularly when flying! Plus depending in how cold it is, you might need some winter warmers too.

winter look 2 copy

The holdall, the scarf, the trainers

What Men Really Want…

…For Christmas!?

The chances are you are buying a Christmas gift for a man this year, whether that be your dad, brother, friend or boyfriend. Chances are you aren’t sure what to get them. The further chances are that they aren’t giving you any ideas either.

Men can be notoriously difficult to shop for. There’s always the good old cliché of socks but are the men you know fed up with getting socks? They may have a specific interest or hobby, in which case you can go with that…unless of course they already have everything relating to it! They might be into tech, so a new gadget might do the trick. They might be the handyman around the place so a new tool to add to their collection could get the job done. Maybe they’re a big kid at heart so something novelty and fun will make them smile. Or they might be a bit of a foodie, so a cookbook or some rare, special ingredients could go down a treat!


Occasionally yes you will find a man who gives you a list or at least an idea of what they may like but we think the truth of the matter is that overall men just aren’t that bothered.

(…if all else fails, alcohol or vouchers might be your best option)