What Men Really Want…

…For Christmas!?

The chances are you are buying a Christmas gift for a man this year, whether that be your dad, brother, friend or boyfriend. Chances are you aren’t sure what to get them. The further chances are that they aren’t giving you any ideas either.

Men can be notoriously difficult to shop for. There’s always the good old cliché of socks but are the men you know fed up with getting socks? They may have a specific interest or hobby, in which case you can go with that…unless of course they already have everything relating to it! They might be into tech, so a new gadget might do the trick. They might be the handyman around the place so a new tool to add to their collection could get the job done. Maybe they’re a big kid at heart so something novelty and fun will make them smile. Or they might be a bit of a foodie, so a cookbook or some rare, special ingredients could go down a treat!


Occasionally yes you will find a man who gives you a list or at least an idea of what they may like but we think the truth of the matter is that overall men just aren’t that bothered.

(…if all else fails, alcohol or vouchers might be your best option)


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