Month: January 2015

How To Carry Your IPad In Style

For anyone who is into gadgets 2015 is a wonderful year in which to live whether you have a; trusty smart phone, tablet, Ipad, laptop or Ipad you will eventually need somewhere equally as stylish to keep them when you are travelling around.  Laptop bags have now thankfully evolved from being the clunky rectangular cases that make you look like a complete nerd.  Now your laptop bag can reflect the type of image you would like to convey.  Laptop bags can be made from a variety of different materials and come in a variety of different sizes so make sure you measure your technology before you blow your wages on a new bag.

Leather Laptop Bags

Leather laptop bags can be pretty expensive so it is important that you choose the right style for you.  Rowallan of Scotland have produced a wide range of laptop bags that are both practical and stylish.

Black or brown large messenger bag by Rowallan of Scotland can hold your mobile phone and credit cards as well as having a lift out laptop sleeve. It has a secure shoulder strap and plenty of space for documents making it a very good choice.

If your job requires you to spend time away from home this Rowallan leather laptop case and overnight bag contains enough storage space for you to hold your laptop and pack your pyjamas for an overnight stay.

If you would like to see more Rowallan leather laptop bags visit Queens Leather to see a wider selection.

Funny Laptop Bags

If you hate to take life seriously and love to wear slogan t-shirts then these laptop bags designed by a variety of designers and available at the may just be what you are looking for.

happyplace Messenger Bag

This cool bag with a Post It Note design has been designed by Crazy Wings Productions and has ample space to carry your laptop and a few other useful things.

Zombie Apocalypse Messenger Bag

Alternatively if you have a fascination about zombies then this Zombie Apocalypse bag designed by Funny is super cool!

If the laptop bags we have look at are not quite for you then check out this webpage looking at the best backpacks and laptop cases to buy in 2015.


Urban Style – Crooks & Castles

Depending on what your style is (and perhaps your age too!) you may or may not have heard of a little brand called Crooks & Castles. Landing on the LA fashion scene around 10 years ago the guys behind this brand have done an awesome job starting with nothing but the dream to have a street wear clothing store. All inspired by the mean streets of Los Angeles during the 80s and 90s the style is edgy, in your face and overall we’ve got to say, pretty damn gangsta. That lifestyle and experience of gangs and villainous lifestyle is what they took and channelled into something truly creative and productive.

The origin of their name is pretty simple – crooks are the hustlers of the world and they are doing what they can do to get their ‘castles’. The C&C guys are thinking back to infamous peeps like the Vanderbilts and the Rockafellas through to the modern day entrepreneurs like Bill Gates and Zuckerberg as their inspiration.

So lets have a taster of their new 2015 collection!






Predominantly in black with accents of bright and bold graphics with the Crooks logo, they produce a range of hoodies, t-shirts, joggers, jumpers, snap backs, beanies and more. Ultra urban, fierce, classy and just that little bit of cockiness 😉 If you are into your street style, this is the brand for you!

You can shop Crooks & Castles here on their store or for the UK you can get them at Stand-Out.

6 Men’s Fashion Myths Busted

We’ve filled you in on a few common men’s fashion mistakes in the past but we thought we’d bring you a few perhaps more relevant to the here and now.

Fashion is what you make it of course so you are free to wear whatever you want and do what feels natural but these are just a  few misconceptions, or shall we say myths, about what guys think they are doing right but are actually doing wrong. Prepare for some myth-busting and quick fixes.


  1.  Shirt should be baggy around the shoulders – Not really

Fix: Shirts shouldn’t be baggy. As a general guide they should be as close of a a fit to your body as possible whilst you are still able to move around freely and comfortably in them.

  1. Everything should match – Kind of, but not really.

Fix: Over the top co-ordination is exactly that – over the top. Sure it can be a nice touch to match something on your person to something else but if that’s only your right shoe and your left shoe, that’s absolutely fine. Mix it up, who says your pocket square has to match your tie?!

  1. Boot cut jeans will make skinny legs look wider – Afraid not.

Fix: If anything boot cut jeans will not make your legs look bigger but instead might just make you look sloppier. Stick to a straight or slim leg as they are the most flattering for a skinny guy.

  1. Long trousers are better – Only if you’ve got longer legs.

Fix: Trying to avoid ankle swingers can sometimes go in the opposite direction. It’s definitely true that there is a right trouser length and a wrong trouser length. Ideally, the front of your trousers should end where your laces start and the back run about halfway down your heel. Sorted!

  1. Expensive brands will make me look better – Not necessarily

Fix: People may think that more money means more style, however, splashing out on designer names doesn’t guarantee you will look good by any means. High street brands are just as good as designer.

  1. Grown men shouldn’t wear shorts – And why not?

Fix: There has become a belief recently that adult men shouldn’t be wearing shorts. Let us clear this up now, shorts are perfectly fine to wear during the warmer months….Although, following on from that, cargo shorts perhaps should be left for the young ‘uns.

Style slip-ups are of course just part of life and to be fair it’s pretty hard to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not! But just bearing these little things in mind can improve your style no end. The sad thing is that people don’t necessarily notice when you are doing things right but they sure notice when you are doing it wrong!

Who were our Male Style Icons of 2014?

Who earned some serious style points in 2014? It was too tough to decide on an overall winner of best dressed man of 2014 so we’re bringing you a collection to feast your eyes on!

Benedict Cumberbatch

He broke some hearts recently when it was revealed that he is both engaged and expecting a baby in 2015 but Cumberbatch excelled again in the fashion stakes this year. With a certain style which is as English as his name, Cumberbatch is certainly a source of inspiration, particularly for fellow tall, slim men.


Kanye West

Not to everyone’s taste, regarding his fashion, music and general persona, Kanye West is not afraid to stand out from the crowd with his clothing choices. Whether that be in huge fur coats, parka jackets, long leather skirts or over size t-shirts Kanye is known for his individual style.


Eddie Redmayne

We are going to nickname this man ‘the King of Suits’. On the red carpet this year Eddie sported (to name just a few) a tartan, mint green, purple velvet, blue check, green velvet, and shiny midnight blue suits, plus many, many more. He has a very smart, gentlemanly style that’s just a touch eccentric and we love it.


The Beckham Boys

It is usually his dad who gets talked about (and we will talk about him too) but this year saw Romeo/’mini Beckham’ show off his smart style and modelling chops (and very cute chops they are too it has to be said). We’re not ashamed to admit we are perhaps slightly jealous of a 12 year old, are we?…Maybe.


David always looks well put together when he appears in public. Though his style is nothing out of the ordinary, he seems to be able to look better than the rest of us whatever he’s wearing. How do you do it David?!


Prince George

We couldn’t not mention this little guy. Although we realise he perhaps did not pick out his outfits himself we have to appreciate what a stylish young man Prince George has looked during any of his appearances this year. He can work a pair of dungarees, and that’s not something most people can say…


(note the perfect hair as well!)

This is a reasonably short list considering how many men wore great clothes last year, we could go on for a while! Is there anyone else in particular you would add to the list?