6 Men’s Fashion Myths Busted

We’ve filled you in on a few common men’s fashion mistakes in the past but we thought we’d bring you a few perhaps more relevant to the here and now.

Fashion is what you make it of course so you are free to wear whatever you want and do what feels natural but these are just a  few misconceptions, or shall we say myths, about what guys think they are doing right but are actually doing wrong. Prepare for some myth-busting and quick fixes.


  1.  Shirt should be baggy around the shoulders – Not really

Fix: Shirts shouldn’t be baggy. As a general guide they should be as close of a a fit to your body as possible whilst you are still able to move around freely and comfortably in them.

  1. Everything should match – Kind of, but not really.

Fix: Over the top co-ordination is exactly that – over the top. Sure it can be a nice touch to match something on your person to something else but if that’s only your right shoe and your left shoe, that’s absolutely fine. Mix it up, who says your pocket square has to match your tie?!

  1. Boot cut jeans will make skinny legs look wider – Afraid not.

Fix: If anything boot cut jeans will not make your legs look bigger but instead might just make you look sloppier. Stick to a straight or slim leg as they are the most flattering for a skinny guy.

  1. Long trousers are better – Only if you’ve got longer legs.

Fix: Trying to avoid ankle swingers can sometimes go in the opposite direction. It’s definitely true that there is a right trouser length and a wrong trouser length. Ideally, the front of your trousers should end where your laces start and the back run about halfway down your heel. Sorted!

  1. Expensive brands will make me look better – Not necessarily

Fix: People may think that more money means more style, however, splashing out on designer names doesn’t guarantee you will look good by any means. High street brands are just as good as designer.

  1. Grown men shouldn’t wear shorts – And why not?

Fix: There has become a belief recently that adult men shouldn’t be wearing shorts. Let us clear this up now, shorts are perfectly fine to wear during the warmer months….Although, following on from that, cargo shorts perhaps should be left for the young ‘uns.

Style slip-ups are of course just part of life and to be fair it’s pretty hard to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not! But just bearing these little things in mind can improve your style no end. The sad thing is that people don’t necessarily notice when you are doing things right but they sure notice when you are doing it wrong!


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