Month: February 2015

Flowers in February

February can be a bit of depressing month; it’s still cold, the Winter seems to have dragged on for far longer than it was welcome too and your summer holiday is still out of reach…Now after reading that and you’re feeling down in the dumps, what better way to brighten your mood than by sticking some flowers on yourself?! (Wearing flowery clothes we mean not just sticking flowers on yourself!)

You may have noticed that florals were a pretty big trend last year and they are set to be even bigger this year! From the subtle to the full on all-over print tee-shirts, shirts, jumpers, blazers and trousers even, we embrace the flowers. It’s fair to say that it’s not a trend for all men but it is definitely becoming more popular and nowadays. Men wearing flowers really isn’t a big deal.

Below are a few floral items we’ve found on the web:

Criminal California Reverse Print Shirt


French Connection White Flower T-Shirt


Crosshatch Dark Wash Flowered Shirt


Red Hawaiian Floral Print Jumper


Levi Strauss & Co

The Levis Strauss Jeans Co has a pretty unique background. Did you know that they made the  first pair of modern blue jeans that we know and love so much today?! This was way back in 1873 and changed the industry forever when Strauss and his business partner, Jacob Davis, obtained a US patent for putting rivets in working men’s jeans for the first time. Within a short time these new “jeans” were a huge success and have continued to be ever since. Let’s be honest, you can’t go far without seeing someone in a pair of trusty blue jeans! People have been imitating Levis for years and once you’ve put on a pair you will understand why.

Have you got a pair of Levis yet? You probably should have!


Levis Light Blue 522 Slim Tapered Leg Slim Fit Jeans

13415a (1)

Levis Blue 501 Customized Tapered Dalston Jeans


Levis Black 511 Slim Fit Cedar Breaks Jeans


Levis Stonewash 501 Original Fit Denim Jeans

Seeing Red (in a good way!)

Red is bold, bright and passionate and you’ll be seeing a lot of it in this season’s men’s fashion.  As it is a stand out colour it’s definitely best to stick to one key red piece and then build your outfit around that! It can be a tricky and brave colour to carry off, so be sure to  try different shades and find the one that suits your skin tone the best. Below are a few great red items we’ve found online which are available now!


Reiss Red Crew Neck Shirt


Original Penguin Haute Raglan Jersey


Vans Red Authentic Trainers


Joules Dark Red Coat

Holdall or a Suitcase?

With summer approaching pretty quickly it is time to start thinking about where we should be going on holiday and whether we need to pack a holdall or a suitcase or indeed both.  If you are a holiday kind of guy you will probably find yourself packing for a week with the lads and for a romantic break with your sweetheart. Luggage comes in all shapes and sizes and the weight of them can seriously affect how much you can put in them in order to comply with weight restrictions.

If you are driving to your destination then it doesn’t really matter if you choose a holdall or a suitcase, simply because as long as it fits in the boot there are no other issues relating to weight and size.  However if you are travelling by plane you need to decide if you can pack everything you need in hand luggage or if you will need the robust qualities of a suitcase.  We are going to compare different types of holdalls and suitcases.

Leather Verses Fabric Holdalls

Tan Tote Cabin/Gym Bag Holdall By Rowallan of Scotlandfabric case

These two holdalls are from Rowallan of Scotland and Eastpak are both extremely stylish and well made.  They are both soft bodied so that you can squash items of clothing in them.  The Tan Tote Cabin Gym bag holdall by Rowallan is made of fine leather and is a perfect size for carrying on a plane as hand luggage.  The Tranverz Case by Eastpak is made of a combination of fabric and leather and can be pulled along with a handle.  The Eastpak bag has a 30 year warranty so you could be confident that it will last many journeys.  The Rowallan bag may not be quite as robust and have as much space as the Eastpak bag but the multi-tone soft leather makes it beautiful to look at.

Soft Verses Hard Suitcases

antler samsonite

The main difference between soft and hard suitcases is weight because the more robust they are the more they are likely to weigh.  The two suitcases we are looking at are large and extra large and will have to be put in the hold. The Soft suitcase we are featuring is the Antler Marcus 4 Wheel Large Suitcase in red. It includes a lock and has plenty of storage space.  The major downside in terms of security is that the case could be cut open to steal the contents.  We have chosen the Samsonite Firelite 4 Wheel Extra Large Suitcase in Charcoal as our hard sided case. When it comes size and security this monster suitcase ticks all of the boxes no one is going to get near your valuables in this hulk of a case.  Again it can be locked and has four wheels to make it very manoeuvrable.

Holdall Verses Suitcase