Flowers in February

February can be a bit of depressing month; it’s still cold, the Winter seems to have dragged on for far longer than it was welcome too and your summer holiday is still out of reach…Now after reading that and you’re feeling down in the dumps, what better way to brighten your mood than by sticking some flowers on yourself?! (Wearing flowery clothes we mean not just sticking flowers on yourself!)

You may have noticed that florals were a pretty big trend last year and they are set to be even bigger this year! From the subtle to the full on all-over print tee-shirts, shirts, jumpers, blazers and trousers even, we embrace the flowers. It’s fair to say that it’s not a trend for all men but it is definitely becoming more popular and nowadays. Men wearing flowers really isn’t a big deal.

Below are a few floral items we’ve found on the web:

Criminal California Reverse Print Shirt


French Connection White Flower T-Shirt


Crosshatch Dark Wash Flowered Shirt


Red Hawaiian Floral Print Jumper


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