Month: March 2015

Don’t Lose Your Phone – Get A Man Bag!

Let’s face it you just cannot fit any more gadgets and gizmo’s into your jean’s pockets.  Your fashion style is frankly just lumpy – all four of your pockets are bulging with cash, phones and every receipt you have picked up today.  Even your girl friend is fed up of carrying all of your junk around in her handbag.

It is time my friend to invest in a Man Bag!  You are in luck because these days there are so many bags to choose from and it is increasingly fashionable for a man to have a bag.  We are going to look at a wide variety of bags that could solve your storage problem.

Eastpak Black Denim Padded Pak R Backpack


If you need to keep your hands free or you hate the thought of carrying a bag then a backpack is the answer to all of your problems.  This Black Denim Padded Pak from Eastpak is a great compromise between formal and informal wear.  You could get away with using this bag to go to work in an office or on a building site.

Vans Logo Bum Bag


If you only need to carry a small amount of stuff this Bum Bag from Vans would actually do the job, it is small enough to not be a hassle but has plenty of pocket space for you to put your phone and wallet in.

Fred Perry Classic Side Bag, Black/Ecru


This Fred Perry Side Bag is one you may not mind having hanging around.  it is just big enough for you to put your phone in and travel documents and a few bits and pieces you may have hanging around.

Brown or Black Leather Zip Top Ipad / work Bag by Rowallan


If you commute or you just have a lot of technology to carry then this fine leather Ipad bag from Rowallan may just be what you are looking for.  This is a fully lined shoulder bag that will carry everything you need – may be even sandwiches.

Carrier Bag


If you haven’t had time to choose a designer bag – a carrier bag is great, as it has plenty of space, easily available and comes in a wide variety of styles and colours.  you can even make a statement about yourself with the carrier bag you use.

You will have to take time to shop around before you find the perfect man bag for you.  Whatever you do please remember you have one or you will lose everything.


What Your Winter Coat Says About You!

If you think a coat is just a coat, think again – this infographic from Stand-Out.Net will help you to choose your coat according to the personality you wish to convey.

Winter coats

It’s Official Women Like A Man That Makes Them Laugh!

Always on classified ads you see the acronym GSOH (good sense of humour) as a way to indicate to a prospective mate that they may not be the most handsome person in the room but they will certainly make you laugh.  We also hear the phrase that, ‘a funny man can laugh any woman into bed’,  and that is generally true, as long as they are trying to be funny like Mr Bean or Rab C Nesbit.  A study by Stanford University scanned the brains of 22 children while they were watching a mixture of sensitive and funny clips. The girls showed a greater appreciation of the humorous clips than the boys. Basically the study concluded that boys are programmed to make girls laugh and girls are programmed to see the funny side.  This may explain why it is really difficult to be a female stand up comic because slap stick and complete daftness is really what men do best.

So gentlemen, if you want to attract a lady make her laugh but don’t expect her to participate in slap stick and other daft humorous activities because she is into far more complex humour.  There is nothing more attractive than a man who knows how to laugh at himself and doesn’t take life too seriously.

Funny T-shirt

To show a prospective date that you do have a sense of humour you could wear a humorous t-shirt like these Micky Mouse and Ernie & Bert ones from Logoshirt.  It may be a great icebreaker to start off a conversation.


Wear A Funny Hat

We do think that this one may be a bit OTT but even just one with a little bit of humour will make you instantly more attractive.


Don’t Try Too Hard

What ever you do quit while you are ahead – don’t keep trying to make laugh once you have succeeded or you will become irritating and you will not see her for a second date.


Try not to be someone you are not, if you are true to yourself you will find a girl who will laugh at your jokes and care about you as well.

Keep Warm This Spring With A Polo Neck Jumper

Spring is a funny time of the year as it is  neither freezing cold or boiling hot but we would still like to cast off the heavy overcoat and feel much freer.  Wearing your warm clothing underneath your other clothes is a fantastic way to keep warm and look stylish at the same time.  This is achieved by wearing a thin polo neck jumper made preferably of cashmere or any other warm material underneath your shirt, jacket or gilet.  The beauty about a polo neck is that it can also be worn alone with jeans or formal trousers.

The polo neck or turtle neck top became famous  in the sixties when the Beatles posed as a group for a promotional photograph wearing polo neck jumpers.  More recently one Direction have reignited the sex appeal of this staple piece of clothing by wearing polo neck tops under jackets.  Probably one of the most famous wearer of polo neck tops is Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Inc, he chose to wear polo necks every time he announced the new developments in his iPhone technology. Polo necks are no longer the clothes of science boffins.

This staple piece of clothing is actually more popular than you think it is, there is even a whole Pintrest site dedicated to polo necks.  Online stores such as, stand-Out.Net, Fashion Beans, Ebay and ASOS have all written blog posts giving advice on the best way to wear a polo neck jumper.

Which Colours Suit Men The Best?

Boys at a very young age are taught that  colours such as; blue, green. beige, grey and brown are masculine.  Girls on the other hand are encouraged to wear bright colours like; pink, yellow, red, orange and purple.  Children don’t actually associate colours with gender and given the choice all of them would select the brighter hues rather than the  so called feminine colours and the boys masculine colours.  It is only narrow minded adults that set the clothing rules, this is carried on to adulthood so if a man dares to wear pink, purple, yellow or patterned clothing they are considered to be pretty daring.  Even today, in this so called open minded world, it still takes a a man with confidence in his masculinity to buy a pink shirt.

Fortunately fashion has not let narrow mindedness dictate colour choices for men so there is now a wide spectrum of colour choice for men to wear for many different occasions.

In The Red With New Balance


These stunning red trainers from New Balance are a great way to kick up the rainbow of bright colours a man can wear.  There is absolutely no doubt that this alarming colour will alert everyone to your presence and your feet will never feel upstaged again.

Orange With Hilfiger Denim


These light orange and dark orange t-shirts by Hilfiger Denim add a lovely warm hue to any outfit and can be as subtle or as bold as you like.

Yellow Peril With Adidas


Admittedly finding bright yellow clothes for men has been quite difficult as many brands opt for the safe option of either a mustard or lemon hue.  These two t-shirts from Adidas are completely eye catching and are so cool that the store has  posted them up twice.

Green With John Lewis & Co

john lewi

Trying to find a bright green jacket was particularly difficult as they are pretty rare.  These two bomber jackets from John Lewis & Co represent how dull green can actually be.  A dull more subtle green is obviously still more popular than a bright eye catching green because the khaki jacket is out of stock while the bright green one is on sale.

Blue With Jack & Jones


These blue chinos from Jack & Jones look a little bit like jeans but are just that little bit more formal and go with many other colours.  Still they are quite dark and would perhaps look a little bit comical if they were a shade lighter and brighter.

Pink With Emporio Armani


We realise that pink isn’t strictly in the rainbow as one of the main seven colours but it does appear often in the spectrum of our lives.  This pink t-shirt from Emporio Armani deserves to be on it’s own because it is one of the most shockingly daring shade of pink a man could choose to wear.

Purple With Original Penguin


To round off our multicoloured look into men’s fashion we have chosen these masculine purple t-shirts from Original Penguin.  Everything about them is cool, including the colour.

These days it seems that everyone can wear whatever colour they wish or dare because all colours belong to everyone.

The clothing websites we have used in this article are:



Shop Style

John Lewis

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A Well Meaning Guy’s Guide To Women

I know we are being very daring covering this topic in this world of equality and all that but sometimes it does feel as if men and women do speak a completely different language.  Basic simple issues that we don’t think are important can often trigger off an almighty row, leaving us gasping for air as if we have just been hit by an express train.  The two simple reasons this happens is because women never actually say what they mean and men don’t pick up on it.  So if your girlfriend tells you not to buy an Easter egg because she is on a diet – make sure you go out and buy the most delicious egg you can find or there will be hell to pay on Easter Sunday.

Here are a few simple steps you can take to make your life with a woman much calmer and peaceful:-

Look Good

travel skin

It is often hard to believe how long a lady takes to look as if she has just got up and looking as fresh as a daisy.  Often applying flawless make up requires the skill of a graphic artist.  Let’s  not even talk about the hair because if her hair is naturally curly she will make every effort to straighten it and vice versa. Invest in a nice wash bag, like this leather one from Rowallan of Scotland.  Also buy your own skin care products, this Agera Anti-ageing kit will fit smartly into your wash bag.  You don’t have actually use it just waft it around and put a bit of cream on your top lip where it can be smelled easily.

Wear Clean Shoes


Now friends take it from us, women love shoes and seem to have a pair for everyday of the year and for every occasion. How many times have you put on either your scuffed leather boots or your scummy trainers and your other half has appeared in sparkling pristine shoes?  If she is a shoe person she may find your comfortable but filthy shoes insulting.  The solution is simple – buy a pair of trainers that  can almost pass as a pair of shoes and only wear them on pavements.  These trainers from Lacoste look great and could be worn with a suit of well ironed pair of jeans.

Have A Bath


Most men like to get wet but some actually do, if you are not really into personal hygiene as much as you should.  Make sure you top and tail everyday and take a fragrant bath or shower once a week.  If you see your girlfriend regularly please try to shower more often – it isn’t fresh sweat they dislike, (in fact women find it rather appealing) it is old sour sweat that lingers on your clothes and smells rancid they don’t like.  You may get more action in the bedroom if you are nice and clean.

Make Decisions but don’t be Too Dominating


This is quite a tricky one simply because a woman doesn’t really like someone indecisive and a ditherer because this can be a sign of weakness – but they hate being bossed around so you have to approach this very carefully.  You need to approach every situation confidently and open to negotiation, make sure you stand your ground occasionally just to let her know that you cannot be walked over.  Never order her meal on her behalf or cancel anything without pretending to discuss it with her first.  You may need to study the way your lady’s mind works to be able to do this successfully.

Be Caring but not Possessive


Men can often come across as possessive when in fact they are only being caring.  Please avoid acting like a time keeper if she is a little bit late and don’t log her shopping bags in like some kind of auditor.  Ask her how her day has been and respond accordingly.  If she has had an awful day she will want to talk about it – now what ever you do, don’t try to solve her problems or repeat them back in your own subtle as a sledge hammer way.  sympathise, run her a bath, light candles, pour out wine and give her chocolates – this is a far more effective way of showing you care than compounding the problem even more.  Also whatever you do please listen so that when she talks about it again you don’t look as if it is the first time you heard it.

There are many more words of wisdom we could pass on to you but we will let you digest this for now.