A Well Meaning Guy’s Guide To Women

I know we are being very daring covering this topic in this world of equality and all that but sometimes it does feel as if men and women do speak a completely different language.  Basic simple issues that we don’t think are important can often trigger off an almighty row, leaving us gasping for air as if we have just been hit by an express train.  The two simple reasons this happens is because women never actually say what they mean and men don’t pick up on it.  So if your girlfriend tells you not to buy an Easter egg because she is on a diet – make sure you go out and buy the most delicious egg you can find or there will be hell to pay on Easter Sunday.

Here are a few simple steps you can take to make your life with a woman much calmer and peaceful:-

Look Good

travel skin

It is often hard to believe how long a lady takes to look as if she has just got up and looking as fresh as a daisy.  Often applying flawless make up requires the skill of a graphic artist.  Let’s  not even talk about the hair because if her hair is naturally curly she will make every effort to straighten it and vice versa. Invest in a nice wash bag, like this leather one from Rowallan of Scotland.  Also buy your own skin care products, this Agera Anti-ageing kit will fit smartly into your wash bag.  You don’t have actually use it just waft it around and put a bit of cream on your top lip where it can be smelled easily.

Wear Clean Shoes


Now friends take it from us, women love shoes and seem to have a pair for everyday of the year and for every occasion. How many times have you put on either your scuffed leather boots or your scummy trainers and your other half has appeared in sparkling pristine shoes?  If she is a shoe person she may find your comfortable but filthy shoes insulting.  The solution is simple – buy a pair of trainers that  can almost pass as a pair of shoes and only wear them on pavements.  These trainers from Lacoste look great and could be worn with a suit of well ironed pair of jeans.

Have A Bath


Most men like to get wet but some actually do, if you are not really into personal hygiene as much as you should.  Make sure you top and tail everyday and take a fragrant bath or shower once a week.  If you see your girlfriend regularly please try to shower more often – it isn’t fresh sweat they dislike, (in fact women find it rather appealing) it is old sour sweat that lingers on your clothes and smells rancid they don’t like.  You may get more action in the bedroom if you are nice and clean.

Make Decisions but don’t be Too Dominating


This is quite a tricky one simply because a woman doesn’t really like someone indecisive and a ditherer because this can be a sign of weakness – but they hate being bossed around so you have to approach this very carefully.  You need to approach every situation confidently and open to negotiation, make sure you stand your ground occasionally just to let her know that you cannot be walked over.  Never order her meal on her behalf or cancel anything without pretending to discuss it with her first.  You may need to study the way your lady’s mind works to be able to do this successfully.

Be Caring but not Possessive


Men can often come across as possessive when in fact they are only being caring.  Please avoid acting like a time keeper if she is a little bit late and don’t log her shopping bags in like some kind of auditor.  Ask her how her day has been and respond accordingly.  If she has had an awful day she will want to talk about it – now what ever you do, don’t try to solve her problems or repeat them back in your own subtle as a sledge hammer way.  sympathise, run her a bath, light candles, pour out wine and give her chocolates – this is a far more effective way of showing you care than compounding the problem even more.  Also whatever you do please listen so that when she talks about it again you don’t look as if it is the first time you heard it.

There are many more words of wisdom we could pass on to you but we will let you digest this for now.


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  1. I really did enjoy reading this. You’re right, it is a dangerous topic, but you’ve written it well. I read an article by a chauvinistic journalistic for The Telegraph who claimed his mum enjoyed doing his laundry… He is like 35! Some opinions need changing and I really like your advice!

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