It’s Official Women Like A Man That Makes Them Laugh!

Always on classified ads you see the acronym GSOH (good sense of humour) as a way to indicate to a prospective mate that they may not be the most handsome person in the room but they will certainly make you laugh.  We also hear the phrase that, ‘a funny man can laugh any woman into bed’,  and that is generally true, as long as they are trying to be funny like Mr Bean or Rab C Nesbit.  A study by Stanford University scanned the brains of 22 children while they were watching a mixture of sensitive and funny clips. The girls showed a greater appreciation of the humorous clips than the boys. Basically the study concluded that boys are programmed to make girls laugh and girls are programmed to see the funny side.  This may explain why it is really difficult to be a female stand up comic because slap stick and complete daftness is really what men do best.

So gentlemen, if you want to attract a lady make her laugh but don’t expect her to participate in slap stick and other daft humorous activities because she is into far more complex humour.  There is nothing more attractive than a man who knows how to laugh at himself and doesn’t take life too seriously.

Funny T-shirt

To show a prospective date that you do have a sense of humour you could wear a humorous t-shirt like these Micky Mouse and Ernie & Bert ones from Logoshirt.  It may be a great icebreaker to start off a conversation.


Wear A Funny Hat

We do think that this one may be a bit OTT but even just one with a little bit of humour will make you instantly more attractive.


Don’t Try Too Hard

What ever you do quit while you are ahead – don’t keep trying to make laugh once you have succeeded or you will become irritating and you will not see her for a second date.


Try not to be someone you are not, if you are true to yourself you will find a girl who will laugh at your jokes and care about you as well.


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