Month: April 2015

Choosing The Right Holdall For Your Adventure!



If you are new to travelling or are in the process of upgrading your luggage, you will be astounded at how many different styles of holdall are available.  Obviously the luggage in the photograph dates as far back as the first immigrants arriving in America on huge boats, rather than as hand luggage on a plane or filling the boot of your car.  If you look carefully at the range of holdalls available you will realise that there is one to suit every type of budget.

When you have decided what type of traveller you are, choosing your holdall will be much easier.  If you are backpacking around the world then you would probably be best opting for a sturdy ruck sack that you can throw on your back.  If you prefer to stay in hotels or are unlikely to be carrying all of your possessions on your back then a

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How To Get The Perfect Selfie Smile

We are in the era of the, ‘Selfie’, where it is almost obligatory to take photos of yourself with your mates while; drinking, swimming, walking, eating, in fact any activity that makes you smile. The pressure to look good in these shots means that our standard of dress has improved and we visit the hairdressers more often. Chances are that you will have checked your hair, clothes, tattoo and waistline but have you remembered to make sure that your teeth are camera ready?

Preventing Stains

Stains caused by wine, coffee and sometimes smoking can turn our teeth yellow causing them to look unappealing and quite frankly awful.  You can prevent stains from getting any worse by avoiding acidic drinks, sweets that change the colour of your tongue and accepting the natural ageing process. You obviously can’t do anything about ageing but you can make sure that your diet is tooth friendly.

Treating Stains

Probably the easiest advice to follow is to drink plenty of water, especially after consuming tooth staining foods.  Use a tooth whitening tooth paste such as Opalescence Whitening Toothpaste.  Make sure that your dental hygiene routine is thorough and that you clean and floss your teeth for two minutes twice a day.  If your teeth are particularly badly stained kick start a whiter smile by making an appointment with your dentist to discuss teeth whitening options.

Remember anything you do to whiten your teeth will also ensure that you remove decay as well.  In this instance vanity is a great thing.

Is There Such Thing As A Perfect Tattoo?

Human beings have been using their bodies as a blank canvass to add symbolic shapes or jewellery to since we first walked upon this earth.  When you see footage of newly discovered tribes around the world, their bodies and faces are often adorned with markings that signify either a battle won or mark an important stage in their lives.  In the Western world the tattoo has remained popular as a way for any body from from any walk of life to add meaningful graphics to their body.  Celebrities have collectively increased the desire for us to face the needle and leave with a meaningful ‘scratching’ on a carefully selected part of our bodies.

David Beckham’s body is a walking gallery of body art, his scratchings all have meanings relating to his family, approach to the world and his career.  Angelina Jolie also sports tattoos that refer to her children.  Fortunately for these two celebrities the tattoos have not caused then any problems with furthering their career, but they have a lot of clout as A Listers and make up artists and Photoshop experts are particularly good at hiding tattoos. For many of us a tattoo may be detrimental to our career path.


The sole purpose of a tattoo is so that you can show it off to the rest of the world and let them know what an individual thinker you are.  By adding this distinguishing mark you are making yourself very memorable and easily identifiable, which is great if you want to be a male stripper or body builder.  However if you want to join the MI5 and become a spy you are not allowed to have a tattoo on your; face, neck and forearm because it makes you very easy to identify.  If you care read the job description further you would probably find sitting around doing very little really boring and if you are the type of person that likes to hide a lot you are very unlikely to have a tattoo anyway.  Maybe you should consider the long term impact of the positioning of your tattoo because the way you feel about yourself and the world as a stroppy teenager changes dramatically when you settle down as you get older.  Imagine suddenly wanting to become a vicar with the words, ‘love’, and ,’hate’, inked into your knuckles.


Avoid getting romantic tattoos done with your present squeezes name or face because you will probably split up just after your skin has healed and you have taken the plaster off – believe me it will make pulling another girl a bit of a challenge.  If you must have a tattoo make sure you put it in a place that can be easily concealed with long sleeves or trousers and don’t go for a really cheap one done by a psychopath with a ball point pen after twenty pints in Ibiza.  Also make sure that the reason you have it is a good one otherwise you may find yourself looking extremely stupid in the future explaining that you got that tattoo of the naked lady for a bet.

If you like the idea of looking as if you have got attitude but don’t want to commit to a tattoo, Religion clothing have fantastic t-shirts that  aim to shock and include the complimentary naked ladies and roses in their designs.  This Bad Ass T-shirt from Religion shows just enough flesh and ink to distract from the fact that you haven’t been gunned or inked.


What ever you decide to do – just make sure that you are choosing a design that you are happy with and are willing to spend the rest of your life with.  Remember you may be young now with taut skin but it will get wrinkly and saggy in the future!


Do Not Look At Your Smart Phone On A Date!

Can you imagine what life was like before you were in constant contact with the whole world?  Less than two decades ago people used to arrange to meet their mates and actually turn up on time.  Everybody used to talk only to the people in the room and resorted to tearing up beer mats or smoking cigarettes to occupy their fingers.  Today however we are in constant contact with our so called friends but often never meet them, when we do meet we are so preoccupied with the people who aren’t there that we might as well have stayed at home. It is fair enough playing with your smart phone when you are alone but to do it when you have company is frankly a bad move.

So many times you see couples sitting next to each other in the pub oblivious to each other’s existence, neither of them should have bothered meeting up in real life and opted to meet on Face Time instead. Imagine that you have plucked up enough courage to ask the girl of your dreams on a date so you can get to know each other better and the whole thing goes belly up because of your pesky smart phones. I am certain that couples leave after a first date and don’t actually know what the colour of the other person’s eyes are.

Getting to know someone is all about finding everything there is to know about them – we are not talking about what they tell you because anyone can big themselves up.  We are talking about the cute way they put their hair behind their ears or wring their hands when excited.  Does her face light up when she talks about her pet or her job?  Have you noticed that the purple in her skirt matches perfectly with the purple in her top?  Do you appreciate how much effort she has gone into looking good for you this evening?  Does she realise that you only have a flat stomach because you make sure you eat well and visit the gym regularly?  Has she noticed that you push your glasses back up to your eyes with your middle finger – just like Superman?

Next time you go on a date ditch the phones and enjoy the company of a human being who is captivated by what you have to say and really wants to get to know you better.  If it doesn’t work out you can just become friends on social media – but it is worth taking the time and effort to know the true colour of someone’s eyes.


How To Dig Double Denim With Levis Jeans

There are two pieces of fashion advice that seem to have carried on through the centuries, the first being, ‘red and green should never be seen,’ and don’t wear, ‘double denim’. in the first instance you will look a little like a Christmas decoration and in the latter like an escaped convict.  Goodness knows which fashion twerp decided that these are the rules and so far when I research it no one is brave enough to own up to it.  Some shades of red and some shades of green look acceptable as long as they are not too bold.  However not wearing double denim probably originates from the same group of people who ruled that you, ‘shouldn’t wear white after labour day’.  White shirts were considered posh while denim was the fabric of the working classes.

If you are trying to avoid wearing double denim does this mean that you can only wear a denim jacket with chinos and any type of trousers that are not your favourite pair of jeans?  Really we need to consider the different shades of denim that we choose to put together.  If you wear washed out jeans with a washed out shirt you will just look washed out.  Therefore it is vitally important that you have a certain degree of contrast between the two items of denim clothing that you choose to wear.

We are going to look at Levis Jeans and shirts and determine the best combination of clothes to wear together.

These combinations do not work together because the two items of denim are far too pale and will look too scruffy.


On the other hand this combination won’t work because this double denim duo is too dark.


It would be much better to mix dark and light denim together and the contrast would certainly make wearing double denim much more acceptable.

lightdark1 lightdark2_edited-1

As with everything to do with fashion it is probably a good idea to spend some time in front of the bedroom mirror or with your mates to perfect your perfect double denim look.  If double denim doesn’t suit you – then you can always try out red and green!

The Levis Jeans we have featured in this article can all be found on and here are the links to them.

If you have any strong opinions about double denim please don’t hesitate to comment!

Beer Garden Etiquette

We know it is not quite summer yet but us Brits like to strip off as soon as the sun pokes his head from behind the clouds. There is nowhere as wonderful as a beer garden on a warm sunlit day. Most pubs are very accommodating and provide heaters in the beer garden so we can enjoy a pint outside in the luke warm spring. For some of you it will be the first time you have ventured in a beer garden without lying about your age.

Today we are going to consider the unwritten rules of drinking in a beer garden. Here are five tips that will mean that you will be able to return to the same pub more than to just apologise.

Laugh So Only Your Friends Can Hear You


Quite frankly there is nothing more irritating than listening to a table full of drunk lads making a racket. Everyone likes to hear that people are having fun, but is that rude joke really that funny? Do we really need to hear about that incident in Magaluf you woke up without eye brows, wearing pink frilly knickers and a bra. The bottom line lads is treat the other people in the beer garden as you would your mum and dad.

Dress To Impress


You are really aiming for attire that not only feels comfortable but also looks great. Although almost any thing goes these days it is probably a good idea to wear smart casual clothes and footwear that cannot be penetrated by broken glass.  A beer garden favourite is either a long or short sleeved shirt without or without a t-shirt underneath, depending on the weather. You can choose to wear shorts, jeans or chinos and finish off with a pair of comfortable shoes.  If you want to make a statement wear a graphic t-shirt with a controversial image on it – you either go funny graphic like Logo Shirt or go really shocking like Religion! Whatever you do don’t go topless and discourage your girlfriend from doing so too.

Use The Gents


I know we are all lucky to be equipped with a fantastic device that allows us to relieve ourselves where ever and when ever we want.  Fortunately the legal system has passed a series of laws that does make it an offence to shake your tackle in public.  Also people do tend to frown on such basic behaviour – it is cute if a two year old gets his dinky out to pee in the flower bed but not for a grown man.  Just go to the toilet and keep yourself out of trouble.

Either Join In Rounds Or Decline politely

Oktoberfest 2013

This is a tricky one because you don’t want to look stingy but you may also want to avoid bankruptcy or a hell of a hangover in the morning.  As soon as you accept a drink from someone you are entering into a round situation the only way you can avoid it is by thinking the person who offers you and decline politely.  You will have to participate in rounds occasionally so that your mates don’t think that you are tight -why don’t you prepare yourself for that occurrence by saving up so you can pay for a round without feeling the pinch.  If you only go to the pub with three other mates then joining in rounds is a good way to bond and won’t cost you any more than you probably intended to spend in the first place.

Wear Sunscreen


If you don’t want to look like a sun dried tomato slap on the sunscreen, even if the sun is pretty dull, protecting your skin like this not only stops ageing and reduces the chances of skin cancer.  Make sure that you maintain your healthy good looks with sun cream.

If you follow these simple rules – you will be guaranteed a great time in the pub!