Beer Garden Etiquette

We know it is not quite summer yet but us Brits like to strip off as soon as the sun pokes his head from behind the clouds. There is nowhere as wonderful as a beer garden on a warm sunlit day. Most pubs are very accommodating and provide heaters in the beer garden so we can enjoy a pint outside in the luke warm spring. For some of you it will be the first time you have ventured in a beer garden without lying about your age.

Today we are going to consider the unwritten rules of drinking in a beer garden. Here are five tips that will mean that you will be able to return to the same pub more than to just apologise.

Laugh So Only Your Friends Can Hear You


Quite frankly there is nothing more irritating than listening to a table full of drunk lads making a racket. Everyone likes to hear that people are having fun, but is that rude joke really that funny? Do we really need to hear about that incident in Magaluf you woke up without eye brows, wearing pink frilly knickers and a bra. The bottom line lads is treat the other people in the beer garden as you would your mum and dad.

Dress To Impress


You are really aiming for attire that not only feels comfortable but also looks great. Although almost any thing goes these days it is probably a good idea to wear smart casual clothes and footwear that cannot be penetrated by broken glass.  A beer garden favourite is either a long or short sleeved shirt without or without a t-shirt underneath, depending on the weather. You can choose to wear shorts, jeans or chinos and finish off with a pair of comfortable shoes.  If you want to make a statement wear a graphic t-shirt with a controversial image on it – you either go funny graphic like Logo Shirt or go really shocking like Religion! Whatever you do don’t go topless and discourage your girlfriend from doing so too.

Use The Gents


I know we are all lucky to be equipped with a fantastic device that allows us to relieve ourselves where ever and when ever we want.  Fortunately the legal system has passed a series of laws that does make it an offence to shake your tackle in public.  Also people do tend to frown on such basic behaviour – it is cute if a two year old gets his dinky out to pee in the flower bed but not for a grown man.  Just go to the toilet and keep yourself out of trouble.

Either Join In Rounds Or Decline politely

Oktoberfest 2013

This is a tricky one because you don’t want to look stingy but you may also want to avoid bankruptcy or a hell of a hangover in the morning.  As soon as you accept a drink from someone you are entering into a round situation the only way you can avoid it is by thinking the person who offers you and decline politely.  You will have to participate in rounds occasionally so that your mates don’t think that you are tight -why don’t you prepare yourself for that occurrence by saving up so you can pay for a round without feeling the pinch.  If you only go to the pub with three other mates then joining in rounds is a good way to bond and won’t cost you any more than you probably intended to spend in the first place.

Wear Sunscreen


If you don’t want to look like a sun dried tomato slap on the sunscreen, even if the sun is pretty dull, protecting your skin like this not only stops ageing and reduces the chances of skin cancer.  Make sure that you maintain your healthy good looks with sun cream.

If you follow these simple rules – you will be guaranteed a great time in the pub!


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