Do Not Look At Your Smart Phone On A Date!

Can you imagine what life was like before you were in constant contact with the whole world?  Less than two decades ago people used to arrange to meet their mates and actually turn up on time.  Everybody used to talk only to the people in the room and resorted to tearing up beer mats or smoking cigarettes to occupy their fingers.  Today however we are in constant contact with our so called friends but often never meet them, when we do meet we are so preoccupied with the people who aren’t there that we might as well have stayed at home. It is fair enough playing with your smart phone when you are alone but to do it when you have company is frankly a bad move.

So many times you see couples sitting next to each other in the pub oblivious to each other’s existence, neither of them should have bothered meeting up in real life and opted to meet on Face Time instead. Imagine that you have plucked up enough courage to ask the girl of your dreams on a date so you can get to know each other better and the whole thing goes belly up because of your pesky smart phones. I am certain that couples leave after a first date and don’t actually know what the colour of the other person’s eyes are.

Getting to know someone is all about finding everything there is to know about them – we are not talking about what they tell you because anyone can big themselves up.  We are talking about the cute way they put their hair behind their ears or wring their hands when excited.  Does her face light up when she talks about her pet or her job?  Have you noticed that the purple in her skirt matches perfectly with the purple in her top?  Do you appreciate how much effort she has gone into looking good for you this evening?  Does she realise that you only have a flat stomach because you make sure you eat well and visit the gym regularly?  Has she noticed that you push your glasses back up to your eyes with your middle finger – just like Superman?

Next time you go on a date ditch the phones and enjoy the company of a human being who is captivated by what you have to say and really wants to get to know you better.  If it doesn’t work out you can just become friends on social media – but it is worth taking the time and effort to know the true colour of someone’s eyes.



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