How To Get The Perfect Selfie Smile

We are in the era of the, ‘Selfie’, where it is almost obligatory to take photos of yourself with your mates while; drinking, swimming, walking, eating, in fact any activity that makes you smile. The pressure to look good in these shots means that our standard of dress has improved and we visit the hairdressers more often. Chances are that you will have checked your hair, clothes, tattoo and waistline but have you remembered to make sure that your teeth are camera ready?

Preventing Stains

Stains caused by wine, coffee and sometimes smoking can turn our teeth yellow causing them to look unappealing and quite frankly awful.  You can prevent stains from getting any worse by avoiding acidic drinks, sweets that change the colour of your tongue and accepting the natural ageing process. You obviously can’t do anything about ageing but you can make sure that your diet is tooth friendly.

Treating Stains

Probably the easiest advice to follow is to drink plenty of water, especially after consuming tooth staining foods.  Use a tooth whitening tooth paste such as Opalescence Whitening Toothpaste.  Make sure that your dental hygiene routine is thorough and that you clean and floss your teeth for two minutes twice a day.  If your teeth are particularly badly stained kick start a whiter smile by making an appointment with your dentist to discuss teeth whitening options.

Remember anything you do to whiten your teeth will also ensure that you remove decay as well.  In this instance vanity is a great thing.


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