Month: May 2015

A Guide To Laptop Bags

There was a time that laptops were considered a smaller convenient alternative to the desk top PC.  These days however with the introduction of Star Trek type gadgets such as smart phones, tablets and now smart watches – laptops are cumbersome in comparison. Despite their size and weight laptops and net books are still the preferred method of producing documents and doing work on the move. In the past laptop bags seemed to cost a lot but looked quite cheap and looked really geeky (in a bad way) type of appearance.  Thankfully the range of laptop bags has increased as companies and designers have incorporated the practical nature of a laptop bag with designer influences.  We have been scouring the internet to find the most stylish laptop bags around.

Tucano Techyo 15 inch Laptop Backpack


This £45 Tucano laptop from Selfridges & Co is great for travels with your laptop.

Hilfiger Patrick Across Body Bag In Cognac


This £145.00 midnight blue and cognac bag from Zalando combines practicality and style.

Tech Air 15 inch Laptop Case And Optical Mouse

tech air

For £15.00 you can look really techy with this traditional la[top bag from Very

Luxury Leather Overnight Laptop Case By Rowallan


Make your business trips special with this £99.00 laptop and over night bag from Queens Leather.

Eastpak Reboot Laptop Bag


This £29.95 Sunday Grey Eastpak bag from Stand-Out.Net would make a good impression in any work environment.

Projects Star Wars Laptop Case

star wars

We are not sure if you can buy this particular one but if you are a fan of any particular film or television program – I am sure that Laura maybe able to help.

Obviously there are many more laptop bags to choose from but hopefully this selection will give you an idea of what is out there.


Tips On Keeping Your White Trainers Clean

When you decide to buy a pair of white trainers you are essentially committing yourself to a high maintenance pair of shoes.  it is inevitable that your pristine trainers are going to get marked and discoloured so here are a few tips to help you to keep your white trainers as good as new.


  •  Leave them in the box and only wear them indoors – a bit restrictive I know but it does work.
  • Treat your trainers with stain and water repellent as soon as you take them out of the box repeat every few weeks to keep them protected.
  • Clean your trainers every night when you get in so that none of the scuffs and stains get chance to settle – use soap and water and make sure that you give the trainer plenty of space to dry in.
  • Use a toothbrush and toothpaste to carefully rub gently on your trainers to remove dirt – avoid scrubbing because it may damage your shoe.

sensodyn_3.5 colgate_sensitive_1

  • Keep your trainers out of the sun and too much heat so that the white soles don’t go yellow.

Sometimes accepting that your trainers will only look white for a short time may be the best way to enjoy them.  There are some people who deliberately dirty up white trainers so that they are not so bright.  If it is too stressful owning white trainers buy grey ones instead.

10 Great Father’s Day Gifts For Under £20.

For those whose fathers have played an extremely important part in their lives, and taken on the role of; taxi driver, football coach, bike mechanic, enthusiastic spectator and generally and all round supporter of everything they have tried and sometimes failed miserably. Father’s Day is an opportunity to tell the old man how much you appreciate him and one thing for certain is that he will definitely not like being called an old man. Deciding what to by for your Dad is often really difficult because he generally has everything that he wants and if he wants something expensive it is not really your call to buy it.

Father’s Day is really a commercial spin off of Mother’s Day and in the scheme of things is not the most important celebration but does require some degree of recognition – after all you don’t want your dad thinking that you don’t care about him.

Setting yourself a maximum budget of what you would like to spend is often a good way to start your quest for a fabulous present.  If you shop in good time and don’t buy something that specifically has, ‘Father’s Day’, written on it you should get more for your money.  Our challenge is to find ten great Father’s Day Gifts for under £20:-

Light Saber BBQ Tongs 


This is the perfect gift if your Dad is both a BBQ and Star Wars fanatic and for only £19.95 from Prezzy Box.  As well as being a splendid set of tongs the light saber sound effects will keep your Dad occupied for hours.

Ear Warming Headphones


For £20 these headphones combined with ear warmers from I want one of these will ensure that your Dad can listen to music while keeping his ears nice and warm.

Farmison Dad Pork Pie


At £18.50, this is one expensive pork pie.  If your Dad is partial to pastry and loves his pies then this would be a fantastic way to show him how much you care. Available from Not on the high street.

Prestige Football Size 5


This stunning Nike football is a masterpiece at exactly £20.  Whether your old man is a sofa soccer star or likes a kick around himself, this shiny black ball can either be displayed or used as a great adult toy. Avaliable from John Lewis.

Diesel SKM Ray 3 Pack – Calzino Socks


We couldn’t make Father’s Day present suggestions without including socks.  This three pack of Diesel socks are a useful addition to your Dad’s wardrobe.  At £20.97 in the Stand-Out.Net sale.

Personalised Glass Token Dad Dictionary Definition


This sentimental glass ornament from Getting Personal is £19.99 including gift wrapping, it basically says it all and will show your Dad that you appreciate everything he does for you.

Cool Rock Desktop Drum Kit


This cool desktop drum kit is a brilliant present for those of us whose Dads have always been aspiring rock stars.  At only £7.45 from Genie Gadgets this gift is not only good value but will definitely be liked,

Smart Phone Projector


This gadget is probably the best we have seen for £15.50 from The Great Gift Company.  This little box projects images from your smart phone on to the wall enabling you to take your own cinema with you everywhere.

Super Dad Beer Tankard


This engraved beer tankard from Gift Pup is £14.99 and will most certainly be used proudly by your dad.  All he will have to provide is the beer.

Father’s Day Wine And Cheese Gift Set In A Wooden Box

AYR-FS-26-DAD  (2014)a (1)

We couldn’t suggest gifts without choosing something classy and sophisticated like this wine and cheese gift set from Regency Hampers. At only £19.80 it is extremely good value and looks as if it cost an awful lot more.

What ever you choose to buy your Dad this Father’s Day make him feel special – a phone call or a chat would do.  Take time to get to know him.

Eleven Degrees – A look At An Emerging Clothing Brand.


The Lake District is famous for many great things such as; Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding, Grasmere Gingerbread, Jennings Beer, Helvelyn, Lake Windermere and Kendal Mint Cake.  An exciting new clothing brand called Eleven Degrees is yet another fantastic addition to the list.  Eleven Degrees is yet another great creation from the beautiful little town of Kendal and only a stone’s throw away from imposing mountains and glittery lakes in Cumbria.  Eleven Degrees is brand new clothing brand that is inspired by nights out in the city rather than clomping around muddy fields.  Created in 2014 by Kendal businessman, Christian Hoyles and fronted by Gaz Beadle from Geordie Shore, the Eleven Degrees brand exudes the presence of an established company.


Gaz Beadle from Geordie Shore, who is a self confessed womaniser, has headed Eleven Degree’s campaign to achieve world domination in the men’s fashion industry.  If we are to look at Eleven Degrees social media progress the mere fact that they have over 25K followers on Facebook and 8,000 on Twitter demonstrates that they have chosen an image that appeals directly to the customer base they were aiming for.

In an interview with a local paper Chris Hoyle stated that “We are aiming at the new-found man, between 14 and 30, who really cares about his appearance.”  We anticipate that there are likely to be some men that are new-found and over thirty who would still look good wearing these stylish threads, also the slightly more mature bloke is probably more able to afford the inflated price of Eleven Degrees clothing.

group 2

With an average price of approximately £35 for a t-shirt it is important to look at the collection to see why they should have such a hefty price tag.  Without having a t-shirt in the office to touch it is impossible to discuss the quality of the material used but we can consider the impact of the design.  T-shirts described as, ‘Brand Carriers’, tend to be plain black or white cotton t-shirts with the Eleven Degrees logo on the front and the word eleven in hollow writing on the back of the neck.  Many of the t-shirt designs are based on either floral or paisley pattern that covers the whole of the t-shirt or is situated as a strip down one side, many of these are made from 100% polyester.  There are also t-shirts with zips on, ones that look like football t-shirts and some kinky ones that are covered in mesh.

group 1

With the brand being so new it is very difficult to find online reviews and finding celebrities, other than Gaz Beadle, wearing Eleven Degrees clothing is very rare.  At the moment you can by Eleven Degrees Clothing mainly in online stores such as Stand-Out.Net, Urban Celebrity and Pride Clothing.  If you are young, free, stylish, new found man with plenty of cash you may want to take the plunge and try an Eleven Degrees T-shirt for size.  If you do please tell us what you think.