A Guide To Laptop Bags

There was a time that laptops were considered a smaller convenient alternative to the desk top PC.  These days however with the introduction of Star Trek type gadgets such as smart phones, tablets and now smart watches – laptops are cumbersome in comparison. Despite their size and weight laptops and net books are still the preferred method of producing documents and doing work on the move. In the past laptop bags seemed to cost a lot but looked quite cheap and looked really geeky (in a bad way) type of appearance.  Thankfully the range of laptop bags has increased as companies and designers have incorporated the practical nature of a laptop bag with designer influences.  We have been scouring the internet to find the most stylish laptop bags around.

Tucano Techyo 15 inch Laptop Backpack


This £45 Tucano laptop from Selfridges & Co is great for travels with your laptop.

Hilfiger Patrick Across Body Bag In Cognac


This £145.00 midnight blue and cognac bag from Zalando combines practicality and style.

Tech Air 15 inch Laptop Case And Optical Mouse

tech air

For £15.00 you can look really techy with this traditional la[top bag from Very

Luxury Leather Overnight Laptop Case By Rowallan


Make your business trips special with this £99.00 laptop and over night bag from Queens Leather.

Eastpak Reboot Laptop Bag


This £29.95 Sunday Grey Eastpak bag from Stand-Out.Net would make a good impression in any work environment.

Projects Star Wars Laptop Case

star wars

We are not sure if you can buy this particular one but if you are a fan of any particular film or television program – I am sure that Laura maybe able to help.

Obviously there are many more laptop bags to choose from but hopefully this selection will give you an idea of what is out there.


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