How To Keep On Top Of Your Dirty Laundry Basket.

For most of us when first leave home keeping our clothes clean is normally one of those things that we tend to take ages to get to grips with.  Often our fussy mothers who can’t quite accept that we have flown the next encourage the delay in learning how to fend for ourselves by taking our laundry basket home with them every time they visit.  While this method of processing your laundry is pretty cool, this codependency with your mother is not going to make you particularly attractive to the opposite sex.  No self respecting hottie is going to want to become your surrogate mother and do all of your domestic chores – it could spell disaster for a potential relationship.  Women are most impressed by a man who can look after himself and use an iron like a pro – believe it or not men can become perfectionists at ironing and put killer creases in trousers and shirts.

Let’s get back to basics here and consider the best way to care about your threads.

Washing Your Jeans 


First of all – you don’t need to wash jeans of any brand as often as you think.  As long as you don’t get your jeans too dirty you only need to wash them twice a year with zips fastened and button open.  Washing jeans too frequently can seriously damage the denim and alter the fade so they don’t look like the jeans you chose in the first place.  It has even been suggested by Levis that you put your jeans in the freezer to kill off bacteria with the cold temperatures.

Sort Clothes According To Weight And Colour


It is generally pretty obvious that you separate light clothes from dark clothes because the colour may run and your red socks will make your white t-shirt pink.  But did you know that you should also wash delicate and heavy clothes separately too?  By taking a little bit of time to do this you will find that your clothes last longer and the colours remain the same as they were before you put them in the machine.

Make Sure Your Washing Powder Can Do Cooler Washes


It is great being environmentally friendly and putting your washing machine on a low temperature to save energy. If your washing powder does not dissolve at low temperatures, chances are that you are going to end up dealing with slimy undissolved washing powder on your clothes.  Really the best advice we can give is for you to read the instructions on the box and pay particular to the bit that shows a number 30 or brags about being environmentally friendly.

Empty Your pockets


Emptying your pockets before washing your clothes prevents damage to your favourite threads and to your washing machine.  Hard things can rip clothes and get into the machines mechanism rendering it to s standstill, while beer mats and tissues can cover your clothes with streaks of paper.

Read The Labels


If you are unsure how to wash your clothes and don’t want to ruin them you would be prudent to read the labels to make sure that you don’t shrink, damage or fade your clothes.  To make life easier for you here is an explanation of the maning behind washing label symbols.


If you follow these guidelines you will be able to keep your clothes until they become vintage.  Whatever you do please don’t overfill your washing machine because it will cause it to stop completely and breakdown.


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