A Guy’s Guide To Great Teeth.

Looking after our teeth is vitally important to our appearance and our general health, unsightly decayed teeth prevent us from smiling and can jeopardise many chances that we come across in life.  Imagine the concept of terrible teeth preventing you from; smiling at that girl, being enthusiastic at the interview, for your dream job, or causing your mouth to hurt so that you can no longer enjoy yourself.  Maintaining a healthy mouth is really quite simple and involves brushing your teeth for two minutes twice a day. You can buy your dental products online or visit your local chemist or supermarket to choose a good quality tooth brush and tooth paste.

Cleaning your teeth well is really a matter of making sure that you brush every surface of your teeth as thoroughly as you can.  This video clip will show you how to clean your teeth well.

Other ways that you can look after your teeth is by restricting eating sugary foods and snacks at meal times – grazing throughout the day causes acid to congregate in your mouth all of the time causing the enamel to dissolve.  Brush your teeth before breakfast to stop you rubbing in the acid after eating, avoid fizzy drinks and sugary food and visit the dentist regularly.


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