A New Dimesion in Gaming – Destiny – House of Wolves #2 The Silent Fang Mission @L_S_gaming

When it comes to trends and trending clothes don’t always come into it often the most exciting trends are of the digital kind.  There is nothing more unifying that a damn good game, it doesn’t really matter if you are an X-box, PlayStation or Wii  type of guy an session with your mates conquering the virtual world is an afternoon well spent.  The most creative among us are not just satisfied with playing the game straight – they like to add their own commentary and record  the game play so we can all enjoy the high jinx on YouTube.

When you discover your hidden talent of making game play exciting and fun you can set up your own YouTube channel like this one from Life Stream Soldiers.  Life Stream Soldiers consists of two guys who discuss issues about,  life the universe and everything, during game play.  Scotty and Rowley must be great at what they do because their Twitter feed nearly has 2,300 followers.

Here is an example of their fun (work would just not be the best way to describe it)

If you would like to experience more of the Life Stream Soldiers Experience, click here for their YouTube Channel and here for their Twitter Account.


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