How To Embrace 90’s Fashion Without Looking Like A Freak #SS15

For almost like for ever men’s fashion has been pretty dire and lacklustre. When men’s fashion does incorporate colour it tends to be bright, bold and excruciatingly wacky.  If you have fairly young parents you will have heard them talk about the nineties with the same nostalgia your grandparents relived the the sixties and seventies.  It goes without saying that 90’s music  was far superior then to the severely manufactured muppets of today, evidence of this is the fact that most television adverts have rave or indie music playing in the background.  It is especially amusing when music by Guns and Roses and Deaf Leopard are used in almost classical contexts.  The nineties was all about extremes and just letting yourself be who ever you wanted to be, clothes were practical and rebellious at the same time – I even have a battered pair of green Doc Martins from the good old days that still have plenty of bounce left in them.

The SS15 catwalks feature poor male models recreating the rave and indie look in ways that would leave the ordinary bloke racing for the nearest fire exit.  Let me tell you something – we never looked that ridiculous in the day – well I don’t think so anyway.  Do you like the picture of the bloke wearing his girlfriend’s bikini with shaving foam on his face – he is obviously trying to recreate the foam party look, as in our featured image!

Topman Design, Christopher Shannon and Coach, London Collections: Men, SS16

If you want to show that you respect the ethos of the rave culture but refuse to look like a clothes horse you may want to consider looking at Religion Clothing, which was born in 1989 and embraced the rave culture with gusto.  Now of course their original clientèle have all grown up and have children of their own but there is a phrase (made up by me), ‘Once A Raver Always A Raver’, and as ravers have matured so has the Religion Brand.  Children of ravers also tend to carry the hedonistic gene in their soul and being able to wear Religion clothing means that the Rave Culture can live free and for eternity.


This Praying Skeleton t-shirt from Religion Clothing is available at Stand-Out.Net and encompasses the New Rave without you looking like a ninny.


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