Month: July 2015

Back Packs To Help Prevent Back Pain

Back pain is likely to affect 80% of us at some point in our lives and it can be excruciatingly painful as well as debilitating.  There are many causes of back pain including; posture, medical conditions and general health issues.  Often we can reduce the impact of back pain by taking care of our body and changing our lives to accommodate it.  Simple measures such as; losing weight or exercising more can help us to control the pain in our backs.  In the past bed rest was considered to be a good way to deal with back pain but research has shown that keeping moving, despite the pain, is the best course of action.  Back pain can be triggered by; bad posture, turning round too quickly, stretching and carrying heavy bags – just by thinking a little bit about how you move and the pressure you put on your back is enough to make a little bit of difference to the pain you are feeling.

Carrying gadgets and lunch around can often cause pressure on your back and lead to back pain, the best type of bag to carry your stuff in is a back pack because it not only leaves your hands free it also allows the weight of your pack to be distributed down through your body. You must make sure that you wear your back pack correctly and don’t overload it or you will face further back problems. This diagram shows the correct way to carry a backpack on your back.


When you pack your back pack you must pack it in a certain order to make sure that you are distributing the weight correctly.  This diagram from, ‘Her Packing List‘, provides detailed instructions on how to pack your back pack correctly.  Obviously you will only packing a daily back pack but you can apply the instructions to whatever size back pack you are using.

These days back packs are big business and there are many designs available, Spiral and Hype produce extremely brightly coloured back packs that would look great on any holiday.  We have selected three classic back packs from Stand-Out.Net ranging from the robust Comutor 12 Hour Back Pack, The roomy Eastpak Provider Back Pack and the Classic Spiral Back Pack. These bags have all been chosen for their pedigree and because they are a good example of good value high quality back packs.


If you are already suffering from back pain and you would like to find out how to look after you back click on this link to the NHS Choices website where you will be given full details of causes, treatments and prevention of back pain


Five Great Blog Posts That Deal With Summer Office Wear

Generally when it is summer in the UK the weather is rarely dry and hot – it is often humid, muggy and sometimes chilly making our choice of clothes mismatched and generally practical.  Wearing clothes to suit how your body feels is pretty straight forward out of the office but in the office you do have to adhere to a formal dress code so it is important that you look presentable and feel comfortable at the same time.

We have scoured the internet to find blog posts that offer suggestions on the best clothes to wear at the office.


This blog post/slide show from GQ about, ‘Summer Office Wear‘, shows an interesting range of summer office clothes that you could wear or inspire you choose elements of it to look good behind your desk.


In Forbes, ‘How To Dress For Success In The Summer Months‘, is a rather brief article on what people generally wear and some office etiquette tips.


This chatty article from Stand-Out.Net ,’Dressing For Summer In The Office‘, gives tips on summer office etiquette and makes some suggestions on good value branded clothes you could buy.


Fashion Beans has pulled another great piece of advice out of the hat with their wonderfully presented, ‘Men’s Guide To Business Causal – The Summer Edition’.


Men’s Health have put together a slide show of expensive and exquisite office clothes in their article, ‘How To Dress At Work‘, although not exclusively relating to summer – they are definitely suitable for summer.

Whatever you choose to wear in the office this summer make sure that you buy a light weight rain coat so that you can dodge the summer showers.

How To Be A Barbecue King This Summer!

There is nothing more liberating than a party in the garden with burgers, beer and plenty of high jinx with your mates.  If you are hosting the party then you will be rightly crowned Barbecue King for the day.  The role of Barbecue King is a wonderful way to show your outside cooking talents, especially if you don’t do much cooking normally.  Being Barbecue king transforms you from baked beans on toast regular to being a Michelin Starred grill king, suddenly you have the innate ability to cook steak, burgers, sausages and chicken without any hesitation.  As soon as you ignite the gas or set fire to the coals in your barbecue you become life and soul of the party, super host and provider of the food.

Even the most confident Barbecue King has to make preparations for the party – there is no point leaving everything to the last minute or you you will end up calling your nearest Chinese Takeaway to make an emergency delivery.  Here are some tips to ensure that your party goes with a swing and you reign supreme for the entire summer.

Buy Fuel For Your Barbecue

Whether you use charcoal or gas you really need to make sure that you have enough of the stuff to keep the fire burning long enough to cook your banquette. If it is the first time you have ever used a barbecue then please read instructions on how to light it or you will look a bit daft otherwise. This, ‘Beginners Guide To Barbecue‘,  from StartCooking.Com is probably a very good start – it also includes some useful tips on grilling different food.

Stock Up On Meat For Your Barbie 

If you intend to be a pucker chef then you may want to tap into the wisdom of Jamie Oliver, who preaches about healthy eating but tends to cook food that would clog up your arteries if you feasted on it it regularly.  Jamie Oliver has a whole section of his website dedicated to barbecue recipes.   If you don’t feel that daring and would rather stick to the slightly charred burnt sausage style of cooking then grab a barbecue pack from your nearest supermarket and some veggie burgers as well as buns too – what ever you do don’t forget the buns! For safe cooking tips and how to avoid food poisoning – refer to this guide from NHS Choices.

Make Sure That There Is Lots Of Booze

Obviously when you invite your mates you will have said something like, ‘Bring a bottle’, or, ‘There will be booze but feel free to bring your own’, otherwise you will be bankrupt by the time you have prepared your party.  Alcohol is essential to dull the taste buds (burnt food doesn’t taste so bad when you are drunk) and it allows people to lighten up and get into the party spirit.  As host you will need to keep an eye on the lightweights around you because they have tendency to be a little bit self destructive and you don’t want a disaster on your hands.

Wear Substantial Clothes

If you are going to be standing next to an inferno that spits out boiling fat for the evening it is a good idea not to wear a vest, shorts and flip flops.  The Emergency Department in any hospital is insanely busy on barbecue and booze nights.  A superhero t-shirt like these from Logo Shirt  would make you not only King of the Barbecue but also show everyone that you have a great sense of humour.  Wear jeans and trainers to avoid being splattered and try not to be too drunk r you may pick up the tongs the wrong way round.

Make Sure Your Facebook Feed Is Up To Date

Don’t just restrict your cooking skills to be observed by your mates at the party, why not let everyone you know see your mighty reign through selfies and funny captions. A video of you tucking into your prized burger wouldn’t go a miss – as long as it is fully cooked of course!

Don’t forget to put the barbecue out at the end of your party or you may get a surprise visit from the fire brigade – though it would look good in your news feed I don’t think the fire service would be very pleased!

How To Wear Florals Without Looking Like Your Granny’s Sofa.

There are some fashion trends that require a certain degree of courage to pull them off.  Flowers are often associated with femininity but are paradoxically a sign of how confident a man is with his masculinity when he wears them.  Floral shirts are derived from the traditional Hawaiian shirts brought back from Hawaii after the Second World War.  When worn correctly a floral shirt can look stunning, however if you wear a floral shirt badly you may look ridiculous or even worse cause a stir at Wimbledon.

As with with everything that can cause controversy there needs to be a set of rules that should be followed so that you don’t look like a dogs dinner.   Here are a set of rules inspired by the fashion site, Attire Club, on, ‘How To Wear A Floral Shirt’.

  • Wear with a solid colour – either coordinating or contrasting, bright or neutral, but you can’t really go wrong if you choose this style.
  • Wear big floral prints with small prints – the other prints don’t have to be floral or the same size.
  • Wear with matching or different floral prints but make sure that one has big prints and the other has small prints.

If you are not up to wearing fully blown florals you could buy floral accessories to go with clothes you already feel comfortable wearing.

How ever you approach wearing florals make sure you gain Flower Power rather than Over Power!

How To Get Your Feet Ready For Flip Flops

The increase in heat and humidity in the summer months can play havoc with the welfare of our feet, causing them to; sweat,  blister and crack.  Looking after your feet in the summer is very important because it prevents you from getting painful blisters, broken skin and infections.  Choosing suitable footwear is also a good way to preserve the health of your feet, when the sun comes out we tend to choose light footwear like flip flops and sandals because they feel light and let our feet breathe. The NHS Choices website advises us to have a selection of different types of shoes to wear so that our feet don’t suffer wear and tear in the same places all of the time.

Here are some tips to make your feet flip flop ready:-

  • Trim your toe nails using either, clippers, scissors or a file.  This prevents painful ingrowing toenails and looks tidy too.
  • Wear bare feet – this is the most natural way to stop your feet from getting sweaty and smelly.
  • Only wear flip flops for a short time as they don’t support your feet and cause your ankles to hurt.
  • Change your socks daily and make sure that they are mainly cotton to prevent a build up of sweat.
  • Eliminate dry skin with an; emery board, foot file or pumice stone and moisturise.
  • Lorraine Jones, a podiatrist from The Society of Chiropodists & Podiatrists, says the key to preventing summer blisters is to keep your feet dry, wear shoes or sandals that fit well and aren’t too loose, and give your feet ample rest so they don’t get hot and sweaty‘. (NHS Choices)
  • Treat foot infections – Wear flip flops in public places and avoid getting Athlete foot.
  • Wash sweat away, make sure you wash your feet everyday and use and anti bacterial soap to freshen your feet.

If you follow all of these guidelines you will have lovely feet that anyone would like to massage and you will look great at the beach.