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History of Levi's Jeans


How To Dig Double Denim With Levis Jeans

There are two pieces of fashion advice that seem to have carried on through the centuries, the first being, ‘red and green should never be seen,’ and don’t wear, ‘double denim’. in the first instance you will look a little like a Christmas decoration and in the latter like an escaped convict.  Goodness knows which fashion twerp decided that these are the rules and so far when I research it no one is brave enough to own up to it.  Some shades of red and some shades of green look acceptable as long as they are not too bold.  However not wearing double denim probably originates from the same group of people who ruled that you, ‘shouldn’t wear white after labour day’.  White shirts were considered posh while denim was the fabric of the working classes.

If you are trying to avoid wearing double denim does this mean that you can only wear a denim jacket with chinos and any type of trousers that are not your favourite pair of jeans?  Really we need to consider the different shades of denim that we choose to put together.  If you wear washed out jeans with a washed out shirt you will just look washed out.  Therefore it is vitally important that you have a certain degree of contrast between the two items of denim clothing that you choose to wear.

We are going to look at Levis Jeans and shirts and determine the best combination of clothes to wear together.

These combinations do not work together because the two items of denim are far too pale and will look too scruffy.


On the other hand this combination won’t work because this double denim duo is too dark.


It would be much better to mix dark and light denim together and the contrast would certainly make wearing double denim much more acceptable.

lightdark1 lightdark2_edited-1

As with everything to do with fashion it is probably a good idea to spend some time in front of the bedroom mirror or with your mates to perfect your perfect double denim look.  If double denim doesn’t suit you – then you can always try out red and green!

The Levis Jeans we have featured in this article can all be found on and here are the links to them.

If you have any strong opinions about double denim please don’t hesitate to comment!

Levi Strauss & Co

The Levis Strauss Jeans Co has a pretty unique background. Did you know that they made the  first pair of modern blue jeans that we know and love so much today?! This was way back in 1873 and changed the industry forever when Strauss and his business partner, Jacob Davis, obtained a US patent for putting rivets in working men’s jeans for the first time. Within a short time these new “jeans” were a huge success and have continued to be ever since. Let’s be honest, you can’t go far without seeing someone in a pair of trusty blue jeans! People have been imitating Levis for years and once you’ve put on a pair you will understand why.

Have you got a pair of Levis yet? You probably should have!


Levis Light Blue 522 Slim Tapered Leg Slim Fit Jeans

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Levis Blue 501 Customized Tapered Dalston Jeans


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