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Five Great Blog Posts That Deal With Summer Office Wear

Generally when it is summer in the UK the weather is rarely dry and hot – it is often humid, muggy and sometimes chilly making our choice of clothes mismatched and generally practical.  Wearing clothes to suit how your body feels is pretty straight forward out of the office but in the office you do have to adhere to a formal dress code so it is important that you look presentable and feel comfortable at the same time.

We have scoured the internet to find blog posts that offer suggestions on the best clothes to wear at the office.


This blog post/slide show from GQ about, ‘Summer Office Wear‘, shows an interesting range of summer office clothes that you could wear or inspire you choose elements of it to look good behind your desk.


In Forbes, ‘How To Dress For Success In The Summer Months‘, is a rather brief article on what people generally wear and some office etiquette tips.


This chatty article from Stand-Out.Net ,’Dressing For Summer In The Office‘, gives tips on summer office etiquette and makes some suggestions on good value branded clothes you could buy.


Fashion Beans has pulled another great piece of advice out of the hat with their wonderfully presented, ‘Men’s Guide To Business Causal – The Summer Edition’.


Men’s Health have put together a slide show of expensive and exquisite office clothes in their article, ‘How To Dress At Work‘, although not exclusively relating to summer – they are definitely suitable for summer.

Whatever you choose to wear in the office this summer make sure that you buy a light weight rain coat so that you can dodge the summer showers.


How To Wear Florals Without Looking Like Your Granny’s Sofa.

There are some fashion trends that require a certain degree of courage to pull them off.  Flowers are often associated with femininity but are paradoxically a sign of how confident a man is with his masculinity when he wears them.  Floral shirts are derived from the traditional Hawaiian shirts brought back from Hawaii after the Second World War.  When worn correctly a floral shirt can look stunning, however if you wear a floral shirt badly you may look ridiculous or even worse cause a stir at Wimbledon.

As with with everything that can cause controversy there needs to be a set of rules that should be followed so that you don’t look like a dogs dinner.   Here are a set of rules inspired by the fashion site, Attire Club, on, ‘How To Wear A Floral Shirt’.

  • Wear with a solid colour – either coordinating or contrasting, bright or neutral, but you can’t really go wrong if you choose this style.
  • Wear big floral prints with small prints – the other prints don’t have to be floral or the same size.
  • Wear with matching or different floral prints but make sure that one has big prints and the other has small prints.

If you are not up to wearing fully blown florals you could buy floral accessories to go with clothes you already feel comfortable wearing.

How ever you approach wearing florals make sure you gain Flower Power rather than Over Power!

How To Dig Double Denim With Levis Jeans

There are two pieces of fashion advice that seem to have carried on through the centuries, the first being, ‘red and green should never be seen,’ and don’t wear, ‘double denim’. in the first instance you will look a little like a Christmas decoration and in the latter like an escaped convict.  Goodness knows which fashion twerp decided that these are the rules and so far when I research it no one is brave enough to own up to it.  Some shades of red and some shades of green look acceptable as long as they are not too bold.  However not wearing double denim probably originates from the same group of people who ruled that you, ‘shouldn’t wear white after labour day’.  White shirts were considered posh while denim was the fabric of the working classes.

If you are trying to avoid wearing double denim does this mean that you can only wear a denim jacket with chinos and any type of trousers that are not your favourite pair of jeans?  Really we need to consider the different shades of denim that we choose to put together.  If you wear washed out jeans with a washed out shirt you will just look washed out.  Therefore it is vitally important that you have a certain degree of contrast between the two items of denim clothing that you choose to wear.

We are going to look at Levis Jeans and shirts and determine the best combination of clothes to wear together.

These combinations do not work together because the two items of denim are far too pale and will look too scruffy.


On the other hand this combination won’t work because this double denim duo is too dark.


It would be much better to mix dark and light denim together and the contrast would certainly make wearing double denim much more acceptable.

lightdark1 lightdark2_edited-1

As with everything to do with fashion it is probably a good idea to spend some time in front of the bedroom mirror or with your mates to perfect your perfect double denim look.  If double denim doesn’t suit you – then you can always try out red and green!

The Levis Jeans we have featured in this article can all be found on and here are the links to them.

If you have any strong opinions about double denim please don’t hesitate to comment!

6 Men’s Fashion Myths Busted

We’ve filled you in on a few common men’s fashion mistakes in the past but we thought we’d bring you a few perhaps more relevant to the here and now.

Fashion is what you make it of course so you are free to wear whatever you want and do what feels natural but these are just a  few misconceptions, or shall we say myths, about what guys think they are doing right but are actually doing wrong. Prepare for some myth-busting and quick fixes.


  1.  Shirt should be baggy around the shoulders – Not really

Fix: Shirts shouldn’t be baggy. As a general guide they should be as close of a a fit to your body as possible whilst you are still able to move around freely and comfortably in them.

  1. Everything should match – Kind of, but not really.

Fix: Over the top co-ordination is exactly that – over the top. Sure it can be a nice touch to match something on your person to something else but if that’s only your right shoe and your left shoe, that’s absolutely fine. Mix it up, who says your pocket square has to match your tie?!

  1. Boot cut jeans will make skinny legs look wider – Afraid not.

Fix: If anything boot cut jeans will not make your legs look bigger but instead might just make you look sloppier. Stick to a straight or slim leg as they are the most flattering for a skinny guy.

  1. Long trousers are better – Only if you’ve got longer legs.

Fix: Trying to avoid ankle swingers can sometimes go in the opposite direction. It’s definitely true that there is a right trouser length and a wrong trouser length. Ideally, the front of your trousers should end where your laces start and the back run about halfway down your heel. Sorted!

  1. Expensive brands will make me look better – Not necessarily

Fix: People may think that more money means more style, however, splashing out on designer names doesn’t guarantee you will look good by any means. High street brands are just as good as designer.

  1. Grown men shouldn’t wear shorts – And why not?

Fix: There has become a belief recently that adult men shouldn’t be wearing shorts. Let us clear this up now, shorts are perfectly fine to wear during the warmer months….Although, following on from that, cargo shorts perhaps should be left for the young ‘uns.

Style slip-ups are of course just part of life and to be fair it’s pretty hard to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not! But just bearing these little things in mind can improve your style no end. The sad thing is that people don’t necessarily notice when you are doing things right but they sure notice when you are doing it wrong!

Could Black Friday Encourage Crimes OF Fashion?

On Friday 28th November retail outlets all over the world will be joining America in the Black Friday Sales where online and real life shopping outlets will be reducing their prices so that we, the general public, can grab ourselves a bargain.  What we are going to look at in this post is whether the lure of reduced clothing can actually inhibit our ability to tell the difference between tasteful gear and sheer tat.  Do we just buy clothes because they are cheap and because they just about fit rather than them being what we really wanted.  Today we are going to look at the bargains that can be had on online retail sites and see what crimes of fashion could be committed over the Black Friday weekend.

Gant Military Blue All Over Polo Shirt


There are cheap polo shirts and there are expensive polo shirts but it seems that paying more for a polo shirt doesn’t necessarily buy you anything tasteful.  Now Gant is a very popular brand and is obviously rated highly for its innovative and exciting designs.  This polo shirt normally retails at £74.00 but is now for sale at Stand-Out.Net for a measly £44.00 – that’s £30 less than the original price.  Does the lure of a big brand at a rock bottom price give you the confidence to wear loud florals?

Jack and Jones Original Comedy T-Shirt


Now the question is would the fact that this rather (uhm) interesting t-shirt from Jack and Jones is only £4.00 instead of £11.00 allow you to compromise your taste?  USC are willing to reduce the price of this dancing pig wearing a baseball hat and sun glasses with an £11.00 discount.  Are you tempted?



Hey lads let’s not forget that Black Friday is great for the lady in your life – if you want to add an unusual piece of footwear to her already expanding selection then these platform trainers from will either make her laugh or cry.  We can’t really think of the best place to wear these except for if your garden is flooded in the rain.

Satin Leopard Print Shorts


If you are an animal in the bedroom then these satin leopard print shorts from may just be what you are looking for.  With a 50% reduction in price these gorgeous tasteful shorts are a steal for £9.00.

Men’s Sheer Black Boxer Briefs


These sheer black men’s boxer shorts from are only £3.45 and have received great reviews about their comfort.  Are you man enough to wear them or would you rather stick to conventional boxer shorts?

Well we have had a little look at what is on offer this Black Friday.  Have you ever committed crimes of fashion and do you still have the offending items?

Hipster is out, macho is in…

It seems that 2014 marks the end of an era (reasonably short though it may have been); the end of the hipster.Yes that is right, hipsterism has hit its peak and is no longer the ‘it’ thing as Autumn/Winter 2014 makes way for the more manly man to become mainstream.

I’ll just let that sink in for a moment and just reflect on what this means. …

If you aren’t entirely sure what a hipster is and are therefore wondering if you would even notice if they disappeared, let me elaborate, you may even be one and not realise!

If you possess any of the following traits or own any of the following items you may be a little bit hipster:

  • You own skinny jeans, ironic t-shirts or anything ‘vintage’ (if you are currently wearing all three then you, my friend, are most definitely of the hipster persuasion)
  • You wear glasses even though you don’t necessarily need glasses (and pick ones with the biggest, bulkiest frames you can find…3D glasses from the cinema seem to be a popular choice)
  • You like things that are ‘independent’ or ‘underground’ because you like to feel unique
  • You’ve only ever worked in the following places – a coffee shop, a used book shop or a vintage clothing shop.
  • You are vegan

How to be a hipster

That has barely even scraped the surface of hipsterdom and is by no means meant as a dig at our trendy friends, as without them the world may well suffer:

  • There will no longer be so much beard.
  • Coffee sales will plummet to lows they have never experienced before.
  • Instagram and Tumblr will see considerably less traffic.
  • Lesser known, obscure bands will unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on who you ask!) remain lesser known and obscure.
  • People trying to sell/get rid of retro bikes or cars will find it a much harder to do so.


In place of the hipster is predicted to be a more macho man figure of more mature gentlemanly appearance. Key trends for the Autumn/Winter of the gentleman are (drum roll please)…

  • The Trench coat – Often synonymous with flashers but don’t be put off! The trench coat is actually a great coat for either your days at work or when out and about in the evenings as it brings with it a certain air of gentlemanly sophistication.


  • Designer socks – There will be no more going barefoot inside holey, falling apart pumps but instead wearing some new socks to make that good impression. Coloured, patterned or plain it is totally up to you, as long as they are in one piece you can’t really go wrong.
  • Smart shoes – Sprucing up your footwear is never a bad idea. We’re not sure what it is but something about Autumn says brown lace ups

So what do you think, are you going to miss hipsters, are you a hipster or are you looking forward to the bright future of macho men?

Colour Blocking for Men

First question: What is colour blocking?
Second question: Can it look good?
Third question: Where can I get my own?

1. Colour blocking refers to wearing two or more contrasting colours together e.g a green t-shirt and some purple trousers (sounds scary doesn’t it?!)

2. Surprisingly, yes it can….when done right. Have a look at some model men and some celebrity ladies doing it right.

Color blocking for men 3


Here are a few tips to make sure you are doing it right:

– Don’t go over the top i.e don’t wear a neon colour with another neon colour, or try and make every single item and accessory a different colour. 

– Some safe colour combos – matching blue with a yellow can work well, grey with pink, red with black. Plus you can get away with a whole lot more when you are for instance at the beach; a bright green tee shirt and some blue shorts can look great. 

– If you aren’t too sure, pair a bright colour with a  more neutral colour.

– Avoid patterns

Most stores will sell bright items that are all one colour.  You can actually get a colour blocking look at a bargain price if you shop around as a lot of brands’ plain colour t-shirts are often one of  their cheaper, staple items. Below are some purple cord trousers from Cordings, available in about 15 other colours too!

If you aren’t ready to go full outfit colour blocking, why not try one item that is already colour blocked for you. For example a tee-shirt like this one from Mark and Spencers or some socks by Lyle & Scott.


blue colour block

Colour Block Sock by Lyle & Scot