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Which Sports Boots Are Best For Synthetic Grass?

If you are the type of sportsman who prefers to play team games in a floodlit sports centre on synthetic grass then football boots with metal studs on the bottom will make you very unpopular.  It is possible to wear ordinary trainers on a synthetic grass service but if you would like that extra grip and kudos then investing in a comfortable pair of Astro boots would be a great investment.  Boots designed specifically for synthetic grass differ from traditional football boots because the studs are made from rubber and can be worn on all surfaces without damaging them.

We are going to look at a selection of astro boots that will not only prevent you from skidding on synthetic grass but will also look great too.

Addidas Goletto Astro Turf Trainers


These bright classic Addidas Astro Turf trainers are full lace up, have a moulded traxion sole, stitching detail, cushioned insole, cushioned ankle collar and are available in a wide range of eye catching colours.

Nike Mercurial Proximo TF Mens Turf Trainer


Marketed as the only way to survive the real world these Nike trainers are expensive at £125 but they are fantastic.  The name Mericrial Proximo suggests that they should have little wings on them like the messenger of the gods.  This mighty footwear is designed specifically for small sided play and if you play your cards right could elevate you to be man of the match.

Puma Evospeed


These bright orange solid surface boots have plenty of grip if you are wanting to get the edge over the other players.  The rubber studs are extra big on these trainers so may not be as versatile as the others we have looked at.

New Balance Furon Astroturf Trainers


These stunning trainers from New Balance are an alternative to the typical fluorescent yellow or orange coloured boots trainers you can buy.  Designed to work fantastically on synthetic grass these will help you to become the best player you could possibly be.

So if you want to get to grips with synthetic grass this season think about brightening up your feet and maybe you could be the most valuable member of your team.


The Sheep Skin Jacket Is Back A/W15

According to Fashion Beans the sheep skin jacket is back in fashion this Autumn/Winter 2015, they have given the style the new name of, ‘Shearling Effect’, which suggests that they are attempting to cast off the old Del Boy Image.  Images of the new sheep skin jacket style shows jackets and coats that are more sedate and classy than the jackets in the past, which tended to be more rugged and tougher looking.   However if you do have an old sheepskin jacket lurking in the wardrobe – you will be able to get it out this year in vintage style.

The word on the street is to buy a good quality one as opposed to one that costs little and quite frankly looks cheap.  A sheepskin jacket is a fantastic way to keep warm in the winter as its internal fleece is cosy while the tough leather on the outside will keep out the chill of winter.  Apparently winter is set to be really cold this year with some frost and snow – a good sheep skin jacket is a great investment.

Admittedly the new A/W15 style is a definite improvement on Del Boy’s dodgy dealing jacket and you probably can’t buy the style any more but he is a true style icon and however you dress a sheep skin jacket or give it a fancy name you are still dressing a little bit like a cheeky chappy.

How To Take Inspiration From New York Menswear Fashion Week Without Looking OTT.

If you are the kind of guy that likes to change your gear from season to season and are always on trend where do you find out what is hot and what’s not?  This is a genuine question because we have looked at the styles of the New York Menswear Fashion Week and can kind of see where they are going but would quite frankly be afraid to wear any of the clothes displayed without looking like a prize turnip.

One sure fire way to get an indication of the type of clothes that are going to hit the streets is by looking at the collections selected by online retailers such as, Stand-Out.Net and who will have interpreted the new trends and stocked their brands accordingly.  Many of us can’t really afford to replace our wardrobe every season so it is important that we choose classics within each trend, enabling us to wear them more than just once.

By looking at our featured image it seems that loose block coloured suits and red feet seem to be the new trend for a taster of the cat walk this video produced by Parke and Ronen (two designers) will give you a taster of the types of outfits on offer.

Looking some of these clothes maybe it would be just be safe to stick to a brand new white -T-shirt.

Ellesse The Nandos Brand!

Ellesse is the type of brand that reminds us of summer days and a sporting past.  Established in Italy in 1959, the brand’s popularity rose during the 1970’s where they became popular suppliers of quilted jackets and ski pants.  As with many resilient brands Ellesse extended their collection to include sports wear and became a favourite brand of many famous tennis players including; Chris Evert, Boris Becker,  Anna Kournikova and Formula 1 driver Alain Prost.  Celebrities such as; Roger Moor and Mohammed Ali have also been associated with the Ellesse brand.

In 1994 The Pentland Group, owners of Berghaus and Speedo bought out Ellesse and in 2014 Ellesse became the offical clothing brand of food chain Nandos and produce all of the staff’s uniforms.

Here is a video showing staff what the new Nando’s Uniform is like and the versatility of the clothing design.

Tips On Keeping Your White Trainers Clean

When you decide to buy a pair of white trainers you are essentially committing yourself to a high maintenance pair of shoes.  it is inevitable that your pristine trainers are going to get marked and discoloured so here are a few tips to help you to keep your white trainers as good as new.


  •  Leave them in the box and only wear them indoors – a bit restrictive I know but it does work.
  • Treat your trainers with stain and water repellent as soon as you take them out of the box repeat every few weeks to keep them protected.
  • Clean your trainers every night when you get in so that none of the scuffs and stains get chance to settle – use soap and water and make sure that you give the trainer plenty of space to dry in.
  • Use a toothbrush and toothpaste to carefully rub gently on your trainers to remove dirt – avoid scrubbing because it may damage your shoe.

sensodyn_3.5 colgate_sensitive_1

  • Keep your trainers out of the sun and too much heat so that the white soles don’t go yellow.

Sometimes accepting that your trainers will only look white for a short time may be the best way to enjoy them.  There are some people who deliberately dirty up white trainers so that they are not so bright.  If it is too stressful owning white trainers buy grey ones instead.

Eleven Degrees – A look At An Emerging Clothing Brand.


The Lake District is famous for many great things such as; Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding, Grasmere Gingerbread, Jennings Beer, Helvelyn, Lake Windermere and Kendal Mint Cake.  An exciting new clothing brand called Eleven Degrees is yet another fantastic addition to the list.  Eleven Degrees is yet another great creation from the beautiful little town of Kendal and only a stone’s throw away from imposing mountains and glittery lakes in Cumbria.  Eleven Degrees is brand new clothing brand that is inspired by nights out in the city rather than clomping around muddy fields.  Created in 2014 by Kendal businessman, Christian Hoyles and fronted by Gaz Beadle from Geordie Shore, the Eleven Degrees brand exudes the presence of an established company.


Gaz Beadle from Geordie Shore, who is a self confessed womaniser, has headed Eleven Degree’s campaign to achieve world domination in the men’s fashion industry.  If we are to look at Eleven Degrees social media progress the mere fact that they have over 25K followers on Facebook and 8,000 on Twitter demonstrates that they have chosen an image that appeals directly to the customer base they were aiming for.

In an interview with a local paper Chris Hoyle stated that “We are aiming at the new-found man, between 14 and 30, who really cares about his appearance.”  We anticipate that there are likely to be some men that are new-found and over thirty who would still look good wearing these stylish threads, also the slightly more mature bloke is probably more able to afford the inflated price of Eleven Degrees clothing.

group 2

With an average price of approximately £35 for a t-shirt it is important to look at the collection to see why they should have such a hefty price tag.  Without having a t-shirt in the office to touch it is impossible to discuss the quality of the material used but we can consider the impact of the design.  T-shirts described as, ‘Brand Carriers’, tend to be plain black or white cotton t-shirts with the Eleven Degrees logo on the front and the word eleven in hollow writing on the back of the neck.  Many of the t-shirt designs are based on either floral or paisley pattern that covers the whole of the t-shirt or is situated as a strip down one side, many of these are made from 100% polyester.  There are also t-shirts with zips on, ones that look like football t-shirts and some kinky ones that are covered in mesh.

group 1

With the brand being so new it is very difficult to find online reviews and finding celebrities, other than Gaz Beadle, wearing Eleven Degrees clothing is very rare.  At the moment you can by Eleven Degrees Clothing mainly in online stores such as Stand-Out.Net, Urban Celebrity and Pride Clothing.  If you are young, free, stylish, new found man with plenty of cash you may want to take the plunge and try an Eleven Degrees T-shirt for size.  If you do please tell us what you think.

Keep Warm This Spring With A Polo Neck Jumper

Spring is a funny time of the year as it is  neither freezing cold or boiling hot but we would still like to cast off the heavy overcoat and feel much freer.  Wearing your warm clothing underneath your other clothes is a fantastic way to keep warm and look stylish at the same time.  This is achieved by wearing a thin polo neck jumper made preferably of cashmere or any other warm material underneath your shirt, jacket or gilet.  The beauty about a polo neck is that it can also be worn alone with jeans or formal trousers.

The polo neck or turtle neck top became famous  in the sixties when the Beatles posed as a group for a promotional photograph wearing polo neck jumpers.  More recently one Direction have reignited the sex appeal of this staple piece of clothing by wearing polo neck tops under jackets.  Probably one of the most famous wearer of polo neck tops is Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Inc, he chose to wear polo necks every time he announced the new developments in his iPhone technology. Polo necks are no longer the clothes of science boffins.

This staple piece of clothing is actually more popular than you think it is, there is even a whole Pintrest site dedicated to polo necks.  Online stores such as, stand-Out.Net, Fashion Beans, Ebay and ASOS have all written blog posts giving advice on the best way to wear a polo neck jumper.