Don’t Lose Your Phone – Get A Man Bag!

Let’s face it you just cannot fit any more gadgets and gizmo’s into your jean’s pockets.  Your fashion style is frankly just lumpy – all four of your pockets are bulging with cash, phones and every receipt you have picked up today.  Even your girl friend is fed up of carrying all of your junk around in her handbag.

It is time my friend to invest in a Man Bag!  You are in luck because these days there are so many bags to choose from and it is increasingly fashionable for a man to have a bag.  We are going to look at a wide variety of bags that could solve your storage problem.

Eastpak Black Denim Padded Pak R Backpack


If you need to keep your hands free or you hate the thought of carrying a bag then a backpack is the answer to all of your problems.  This Black Denim Padded Pak from Eastpak is a great compromise between formal and informal wear.  You could get away with using this bag to go to work in an office or on a building site.

Vans Logo Bum Bag


If you only need to carry a small amount of stuff this Bum Bag from Vans would actually do the job, it is small enough to not be a hassle but has plenty of pocket space for you to put your phone and wallet in.

Fred Perry Classic Side Bag, Black/Ecru


This Fred Perry Side Bag is one you may not mind having hanging around.  it is just big enough for you to put your phone in and travel documents and a few bits and pieces you may have hanging around.

Brown or Black Leather Zip Top Ipad / work Bag by Rowallan


If you commute or you just have a lot of technology to carry then this fine leather Ipad bag from Rowallan may just be what you are looking for.  This is a fully lined shoulder bag that will carry everything you need – may be even sandwiches.

Carrier Bag


If you haven’t had time to choose a designer bag – a carrier bag is great, as it has plenty of space, easily available and comes in a wide variety of styles and colours.  you can even make a statement about yourself with the carrier bag you use.

You will have to take time to shop around before you find the perfect man bag for you.  Whatever you do please remember you have one or you will lose everything.


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