The Sheep Skin Jacket Is Back A/W15

According to Fashion Beans the sheep skin jacket is back in fashion this Autumn/Winter 2015, they have given the style the new name of, ‘Shearling Effect’, which suggests that they are attempting to cast off the old Del Boy Image.  Images of the new sheep skin jacket style shows jackets and coats that are more sedate and classy than the jackets in the past, which tended to be more rugged and tougher looking.   However if you do have an old sheepskin jacket lurking in the wardrobe – you will be able to get it out this year in vintage style.

The word on the street is to buy a good quality one as opposed to one that costs little and quite frankly looks cheap.  A sheepskin jacket is a fantastic way to keep warm in the winter as its internal fleece is cosy while the tough leather on the outside will keep out the chill of winter.  Apparently winter is set to be really cold this year with some frost and snow – a good sheep skin jacket is a great investment.

Admittedly the new A/W15 style is a definite improvement on Del Boy’s dodgy dealing jacket and you probably can’t buy the style any more but he is a true style icon and however you dress a sheep skin jacket or give it a fancy name you are still dressing a little bit like a cheeky chappy.


How To Take Inspiration From New York Menswear Fashion Week Without Looking OTT.

If you are the kind of guy that likes to change your gear from season to season and are always on trend where do you find out what is hot and what’s not?  This is a genuine question because we have looked at the styles of the New York Menswear Fashion Week and can kind of see where they are going but would quite frankly be afraid to wear any of the clothes displayed without looking like a prize turnip.

One sure fire way to get an indication of the type of clothes that are going to hit the streets is by looking at the collections selected by online retailers such as, Stand-Out.Net and who will have interpreted the new trends and stocked their brands accordingly.  Many of us can’t really afford to replace our wardrobe every season so it is important that we choose classics within each trend, enabling us to wear them more than just once.

By looking at our featured image it seems that loose block coloured suits and red feet seem to be the new trend for a taster of the cat walk this video produced by Parke and Ronen (two designers) will give you a taster of the types of outfits on offer.

Looking some of these clothes maybe it would be just be safe to stick to a brand new white -T-shirt.

Ellesse The Nandos Brand!

Ellesse is the type of brand that reminds us of summer days and a sporting past.  Established in Italy in 1959, the brand’s popularity rose during the 1970’s where they became popular suppliers of quilted jackets and ski pants.  As with many resilient brands Ellesse extended their collection to include sports wear and became a favourite brand of many famous tennis players including; Chris Evert, Boris Becker,  Anna Kournikova and Formula 1 driver Alain Prost.  Celebrities such as; Roger Moor and Mohammed Ali have also been associated with the Ellesse brand.

In 1994 The Pentland Group, owners of Berghaus and Speedo bought out Ellesse and in 2014 Ellesse became the offical clothing brand of food chain Nandos and produce all of the staff’s uniforms.

Here is a video showing staff what the new Nando’s Uniform is like and the versatility of the clothing design.

How To Wear Florals Without Looking Like Your Granny’s Sofa.

There are some fashion trends that require a certain degree of courage to pull them off.  Flowers are often associated with femininity but are paradoxically a sign of how confident a man is with his masculinity when he wears them.  Floral shirts are derived from the traditional Hawaiian shirts brought back from Hawaii after the Second World War.  When worn correctly a floral shirt can look stunning, however if you wear a floral shirt badly you may look ridiculous or even worse cause a stir at Wimbledon.

As with with everything that can cause controversy there needs to be a set of rules that should be followed so that you don’t look like a dogs dinner.   Here are a set of rules inspired by the fashion site, Attire Club, on, ‘How To Wear A Floral Shirt’.

  • Wear with a solid colour – either coordinating or contrasting, bright or neutral, but you can’t really go wrong if you choose this style.
  • Wear big floral prints with small prints – the other prints don’t have to be floral or the same size.
  • Wear with matching or different floral prints but make sure that one has big prints and the other has small prints.

If you are not up to wearing fully blown florals you could buy floral accessories to go with clothes you already feel comfortable wearing.

How ever you approach wearing florals make sure you gain Flower Power rather than Over Power!

Eight Of The Best Backpacks For Men!

A Back Pack makes travelling around in the Summer so easy, when the weather is good you no longer have huge coat pockets in which to put all of your bits and bobs in so a handy bag is a must.  A backpack enables you to roam around hands free and well prepared.

If you are looking for your 2015 backpack for all of your outings this Summer, this fine selection will give you plenty of food for thought.  The backpacks featured are available from the following online stores; Queens Leather, Stand-Out.Net, John Lewis, Marks and Spencer, Crag HoppersASOS, Hot Topic and Sports Direct.

A New Dimesion in Gaming – Destiny – House of Wolves #2 The Silent Fang Mission @L_S_gaming

When it comes to trends and trending clothes don’t always come into it often the most exciting trends are of the digital kind.  There is nothing more unifying that a damn good game, it doesn’t really matter if you are an X-box, PlayStation or Wii  type of guy an session with your mates conquering the virtual world is an afternoon well spent.  The most creative among us are not just satisfied with playing the game straight – they like to add their own commentary and record  the game play so we can all enjoy the high jinx on YouTube.

When you discover your hidden talent of making game play exciting and fun you can set up your own YouTube channel like this one from Life Stream Soldiers.  Life Stream Soldiers consists of two guys who discuss issues about,  life the universe and everything, during game play.  Scotty and Rowley must be great at what they do because their Twitter feed nearly has 2,300 followers.

Here is an example of their fun (work would just not be the best way to describe it)

If you would like to experience more of the Life Stream Soldiers Experience, click here for their YouTube Channel and here for their Twitter Account.

How To Embrace 90’s Fashion Without Looking Like A Freak #SS15

For almost like for ever men’s fashion has been pretty dire and lacklustre. When men’s fashion does incorporate colour it tends to be bright, bold and excruciatingly wacky.  If you have fairly young parents you will have heard them talk about the nineties with the same nostalgia your grandparents relived the the sixties and seventies.  It goes without saying that 90’s music  was far superior then to the severely manufactured muppets of today, evidence of this is the fact that most television adverts have rave or indie music playing in the background.  It is especially amusing when music by Guns and Roses and Deaf Leopard are used in almost classical contexts.  The nineties was all about extremes and just letting yourself be who ever you wanted to be, clothes were practical and rebellious at the same time – I even have a battered pair of green Doc Martins from the good old days that still have plenty of bounce left in them.

The SS15 catwalks feature poor male models recreating the rave and indie look in ways that would leave the ordinary bloke racing for the nearest fire exit.  Let me tell you something – we never looked that ridiculous in the day – well I don’t think so anyway.  Do you like the picture of the bloke wearing his girlfriend’s bikini with shaving foam on his face – he is obviously trying to recreate the foam party look, as in our featured image!

Topman Design, Christopher Shannon and Coach, London Collections: Men, SS16

If you want to show that you respect the ethos of the rave culture but refuse to look like a clothes horse you may want to consider looking at Religion Clothing, which was born in 1989 and embraced the rave culture with gusto.  Now of course their original clientèle have all grown up and have children of their own but there is a phrase (made up by me), ‘Once A Raver Always A Raver’, and as ravers have matured so has the Religion Brand.  Children of ravers also tend to carry the hedonistic gene in their soul and being able to wear Religion clothing means that the Rave Culture can live free and for eternity.


This Praying Skeleton t-shirt from Religion Clothing is available at Stand-Out.Net and encompasses the New Rave without you looking like a ninny.