Choosing The Right Holdall For Your Adventure!



If you are new to travelling or are in the process of upgrading your luggage, you will be astounded at how many different styles of holdall are available.  Obviously the luggage in the photograph dates as far back as the first immigrants arriving in America on huge boats, rather than as hand luggage on a plane or filling the boot of your car.  If you look carefully at the range of holdalls available you will realise that there is one to suit every type of budget.

When you have decided what type of traveller you are, choosing your holdall will be much easier.  If you are backpacking around the world then you would probably be best opting for a sturdy ruck sack that you can throw on your back.  If you prefer to stay in hotels or are unlikely to be carrying all of your possessions on your back then a

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Foray Clothing – A Fabulous New Brand!


Foray Clothing is a fantastic new brand that is starting to make its mark amongst the more established brands throughout the world.  They are so new that they haven’t even got a website – all we can determine is that they were established in England this year (2014) and are prepared to take on the big boys in the competition of dressing the worlds young men.

Foray Clothing are obviously ready to fight for their place amongst brands such as; Levis, Diesel, Farah Vintage and Duck and Cover because their Twitter description is a definition of Foray,  ‘sudden attack or incursion into enemy territory, especially to obtain something; a raid’. Like Duck and Cover, they are prepared to deal with whatever the fashion industry throws at them.

foray tshirt

As you can see Foray Clothing adds a simple twist to very classically designed garments.  This grey t-shirt manages to incorporate the view finder logo in a clever way to decorate it.  Maybe it would be advisable to avoid going to a shooting range in this t-shirt because the centre of the view finder cross is right in the middle of your chest.

rampage jeans

As you can see Foray’s Rampage jeans are made to look as if you have picked up your jeans off the bedroom floor and put them on.  At last boys it is fashionable to look creased and the iron can stay on the shelf.

We know that you can buy Foray Clothing from Stand-Out.Net so if you would like to look at the range they have available click on the link here  


The Noblest Rogue

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has come a long way since being that awkward, quirky kid who-was-actually-an-alien in ‘3rd Rock From The Sun’. He upped his game when he starred in blockbusters such as ‘Inception’ and ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ and I’m certainly looking forward to seeing him in ‘Sin City: A Dame To Kill For’, which is currently on the movie circuit. What Joseph has also upped in recent times is his style. Perhaps not at the top of the Most Stylish Men list and with a way to go before he reaches the style heights of James Dean and Nick Wooster, there is still a lot to be said for the simple understated style which Joseph throws out there.

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Colour Blocking for Men

First question: What is colour blocking?
Second question: Can it look good?
Third question: Where can I get my own?

1. Colour blocking refers to wearing two or more contrasting colours together e.g a green t-shirt and some purple trousers (sounds scary doesn’t it?!)

2. Surprisingly, yes it can….when done right. Have a look at some model men and some celebrity ladies doing it right.

Color blocking for men 3


Here are a few tips to make sure you are doing it right:

– Don’t go over the top i.e don’t wear a neon colour with another neon colour, or try and make every single item and accessory a different colour. 

– Some safe colour combos – matching blue with a yellow can work well, grey with pink, red with black. Plus you can get away with a whole lot more when you are for instance at the beach; a bright green tee shirt and some blue shorts can look great. 

– If you aren’t too sure, pair a bright colour with a  more neutral colour.

– Avoid patterns

Most stores will sell bright items that are all one colour.  You can actually get a colour blocking look at a bargain price if you shop around as a lot of brands’ plain colour t-shirts are often one of  their cheaper, staple items. Below are some purple cord trousers from Cordings, available in about 15 other colours too!

If you aren’t ready to go full outfit colour blocking, why not try one item that is already colour blocked for you. For example a tee-shirt like this one from Mark and Spencers or some socks by Lyle & Scott.


blue colour block

Colour Block Sock by Lyle & Scot

Is Men’s Designer Fashion Becoming Too Feminine?

This week saw the first Toronto Men’s Fashion Week happen (also know as TOM). There aren’t many fashion events purely just for men, this being Canada’s first, but some of the collections have come under steam for being too feminine.  This is undoubtedly something we are noticing in high end fashion; that men’s clothing is looking more and more like women’s clothing. Is it ok to blur the lines and be a little androgynous or should men always dress like ‘men’?  

During the week, a collection by designer Mic Carter was dropped from the show because it was described as too feminine.  Known for his often gender crossing clothes, some of Carter’s latest collections have included male models in cropped shirts and skirts.

Where should men be drawing the line, or in fact should no line be drawn at all?  Of course you aren’t going to see many me wearing exactly what’s been debuted on the catwalk, as with any high fashion display, but the new trends we see from these high end designers do work their way one way or another into the high street stores.  Florals for instance, have slowly but surely made their way onto men, with a big rise in the trend in 2013 and 2014.  As has wearing pink as well, now seen as perfectly normal and acceptable by a lot of men and women.  However, we can’t help but feel that most men would draw the line at these flowing sleeves and dress like creation. Either way we are excited to see where men’s fashion will go in the future and who will follow the trends.


TOM dress

Fashion does cross the gender lines and it is a common sight for us to see the women of Hollywood flashing a full suit or tuxedo from time to time in place of a pretty girly dress so just for viewing pleasure here’s some A-list women rocking some suits and showing men how it’s done.

6 Timeless Fashion Tips for Young Men

Does conflicting style advice have your head in a whirl? Don’t know which trends you should be following and when you should follow them?  Fashion is an ever changing thing and it is almost impossible to keep up with.  This is why we’ve compiled a general list of timeless fashion tips that are always relevant for young men. Let us know what you think and if we have missed anything in the comments below!

Keep it simple – Don’t rush out to start buying some pricey items because you think they will make you look smarter.  If you do this you may well be left with a mix of smart and casual wear that doesn’t work well together. The idea is to gradually upgrade, perhaps spend a little more than you usually would on a few key items but remember to keep whatever you are wearing in tone with your environment i.e don’t wear a three piece suit in the July sun because it will make you look sophisticated…it will most likely just make you look sweaty.

Charity/thrift store shopping – Now don’t immediately be put off by this one.  Charity or thrift shops are a fantastic place to get some really good deals, plus they will likely be things that no one else has.  There is a certain stigma attached to young people doing their shopping in a charity shop but honestly, you can pick up a great bargain! Just take a trip round your local ones every so often and see what they have to offer.

dr who meme

Have one nice suit in your wardrobe – Either a black or charcoal grey suit will work well here.  Always have one in your wardrobe to rely on because there will be times when you need a suit at short notice and buying a new can be tricky.  You don’t want it to be a rushed decision or a panic buy, plus if you need one for a job interview, for instance, you don’t want to be wasting time beforehand running around feeling the pressure looking for a suit when you could be prepping for the interview. Every man, whatever his profession needs to have at least one good suit that fits him. House of Fraser stocks a huge range of designer and non designer suits -.http://www.houseoffraser.co.uk/Suits+Tailoring/213,default,sc.html

Dress like a grown up –  It can be hard to take a man seriously if he is still dressing like a boy. This will most likely involve cutting back on how often you wear t-shirts, at least for social events anyway.  Swapping t-shirts for either a simple, crisp, shirt or polo with a small logo and a good fit will improve your look no end.  Stand-Out.net has a big range of designer shirts and polo shirts, have a look here http://www.stand-out.net/Shirts-c-3.html .  Dressing more like a grown up will also involve branching away from the denim; jeans are handy yes, but not always appropriate.  A pair of tailored trouser or even a pair of chinos will make you look much sharper and they not seen on young men as often so you will already be standing out and making a good impression. There are more than enough options somewhere like John Lewis http://www.johnlewis.com/men/men’s-trousers/c600001540

Pay attention to your footwear – Footwear can be  the downfall of your whole look.  If you are a man who wears running shoes with just about everything, it is time to branch out and invest in some smart shoes.  Sandals & flips flops should be reserved for the beach or the garden, and running shoes for sports. Instead, look for some casual leather shoes that look good for day to day wear, then step it up with a formal dress shoe for events and social occasions. Do be prepared however to pay a significant amount of money for a pair of decent, well made shoes. They will last you years though with just a touch up and polish every now and then. Definitely an investment that every man should make.

Be aware of what others around you are wearing – Have a style mentor, whether they know it or not! Though we wouldn’t advise turning up in the exact same outfit…and definitely not on more than one occasion, people may get the wrong idea about you.  Pay attention to people on television, whether it’s your favourite character on a show, a news anchor, chat show host etc to see what style you like to see on other men and think would look good on yourself. You may well find your style inspiration!