70’s Punk in 2014

The trend of distressed jeans is one that has come and gone a lot over the years. Jeans themselves became popular sometime around the 1950’s, originally worn by cowboys and miners. Then celebrities, like James Dean in the movie Rebel Without a Cause, starting wearing them too and that’s when they became really cool! The trend of distressed jeans came about in the 70’s along with different types and colours of jeans. Punk rockers really made them popular when they were ripping their jeans during concerts and then continuing to wear them like because they were rebels and just didn’t care! People wanted to copy them. This year and last has seen another spike in popularity for the distressed look with a lot of celebrities getting their ripped denims on.

Check out this fun video showing you how to do it yourself (it’s pretty easy), complete with a few bad jokes and a history lesson in photos!