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Which Sports Boots Are Best For Synthetic Grass?

If you are the type of sportsman who prefers to play team games in a floodlit sports centre on synthetic grass then football boots with metal studs on the bottom will make you very unpopular.  It is possible to wear ordinary trainers on a synthetic grass service but if you would like that extra grip and kudos then investing in a comfortable pair of Astro boots would be a great investment.  Boots designed specifically for synthetic grass differ from traditional football boots because the studs are made from rubber and can be worn on all surfaces without damaging them.

We are going to look at a selection of astro boots that will not only prevent you from skidding on synthetic grass but will also look great too.

Addidas Goletto Astro Turf Trainers


These bright classic Addidas Astro Turf trainers are full lace up, have a moulded traxion sole, stitching detail, cushioned insole, cushioned ankle collar and are available in a wide range of eye catching colours.

Nike Mercurial Proximo TF Mens Turf Trainer


Marketed as the only way to survive the real world these Nike trainers are expensive at £125 but they are fantastic.  The name Mericrial Proximo suggests that they should have little wings on them like the messenger of the gods.  This mighty footwear is designed specifically for small sided play and if you play your cards right could elevate you to be man of the match.

Puma Evospeed


These bright orange solid surface boots have plenty of grip if you are wanting to get the edge over the other players.  The rubber studs are extra big on these trainers so may not be as versatile as the others we have looked at.

New Balance Furon Astroturf Trainers


These stunning trainers from New Balance are an alternative to the typical fluorescent yellow or orange coloured boots trainers you can buy.  Designed to work fantastically on synthetic grass these will help you to become the best player you could possibly be.

So if you want to get to grips with synthetic grass this season think about brightening up your feet and maybe you could be the most valuable member of your team.


Which Colours Suit Men The Best?

Boys at a very young age are taught that  colours such as; blue, green. beige, grey and brown are masculine.  Girls on the other hand are encouraged to wear bright colours like; pink, yellow, red, orange and purple.  Children don’t actually associate colours with gender and given the choice all of them would select the brighter hues rather than the  so called feminine colours and the boys masculine colours.  It is only narrow minded adults that set the clothing rules, this is carried on to adulthood so if a man dares to wear pink, purple, yellow or patterned clothing they are considered to be pretty daring.  Even today, in this so called open minded world, it still takes a a man with confidence in his masculinity to buy a pink shirt.

Fortunately fashion has not let narrow mindedness dictate colour choices for men so there is now a wide spectrum of colour choice for men to wear for many different occasions.

In The Red With New Balance


These stunning red trainers from New Balance are a great way to kick up the rainbow of bright colours a man can wear.  There is absolutely no doubt that this alarming colour will alert everyone to your presence and your feet will never feel upstaged again.

Orange With Hilfiger Denim


These light orange and dark orange t-shirts by Hilfiger Denim add a lovely warm hue to any outfit and can be as subtle or as bold as you like.

Yellow Peril With Adidas


Admittedly finding bright yellow clothes for men has been quite difficult as many brands opt for the safe option of either a mustard or lemon hue.  These two t-shirts from Adidas are completely eye catching and are so cool that the store has  posted them up twice.

Green With John Lewis & Co

john lewi

Trying to find a bright green jacket was particularly difficult as they are pretty rare.  These two bomber jackets from John Lewis & Co represent how dull green can actually be.  A dull more subtle green is obviously still more popular than a bright eye catching green because the khaki jacket is out of stock while the bright green one is on sale.

Blue With Jack & Jones


These blue chinos from Jack & Jones look a little bit like jeans but are just that little bit more formal and go with many other colours.  Still they are quite dark and would perhaps look a little bit comical if they were a shade lighter and brighter.

Pink With Emporio Armani


We realise that pink isn’t strictly in the rainbow as one of the main seven colours but it does appear often in the spectrum of our lives.  This pink t-shirt from Emporio Armani deserves to be on it’s own because it is one of the most shockingly daring shade of pink a man could choose to wear.

Purple With Original Penguin


To round off our multicoloured look into men’s fashion we have chosen these masculine purple t-shirts from Original Penguin.  Everything about them is cool, including the colour.

These days it seems that everyone can wear whatever colour they wish or dare because all colours belong to everyone.

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