How To Get Fit Without Paying Gym Fees.

Britons Spend £37 Million pounds a year on wasted gym membership and slimming classes (Daily Mail 2011)

These days it has never been easier to spend money on services that claim to make us look fit and improve our overall health.  We all want to look fantastic and wear our clothes without flab spoiling the overall effect, the concept of joining a gym automatically makes us feel conscientious and fit.  However just because you have spent £500 on an annual gym membership doesn’t mean that you will make the most of it.  In fact paying a fortune is not an incentive to visit the gym, if you are not that way inclined.  So if you are wanting to be able to buy a new wardrobe this winter with your gym membership consider trying these five ways to get fit without going to the gym:-

Trim Trails In The Park

If you thought that playground equipment is just for kids you are very wrong.  Around the perimeter of most local parks there are strategically placed pieces of playground equipment that give you the opportunity to do a proper workout while you jog around the park.  This video from Playdale playgrounds Ltd shows you trim trails in action.

Get A Fitness Game For Your Xbox (Or Any other Games Console

Get fit in front of the TV – no not by watching football. Many games consoles have interactive games which monitor your fitness and provide exercise regimes for you to do in your own living room.  As with everything to do with exercise you will have to use willpower and determination to do the exercises regularly and not sit and play a game instead.

Go Clubbing Every Weekend

We know that clubbing these days is not as hardcore as the 80’s/90’s rave scene but by making a few shapes on the dance floor and getting into the groove will make a great cardiovascular workout and leave you breathless.  You may even pull (see our final tip).

Play A Musical Instrument

If it’s calories you want to burn one hours violin playing burns off as many calories as one hour strolling in the park.  Plus you have the added benefits of making yourself more sexy and play in bands.  Using your brain burns up calories too.

Having Sex

Sadly we couldn’t find an appropriate video for this one – well we did find loads of videos of course but they all made us blush so we thought it best that if you don’t know how to do it – ask your Dad!

So you see exercise doesn’t need to be expensive or boring – if you have any other methods of keeping fit we’d love to know!