How To Take Inspiration From New York Menswear Fashion Week Without Looking OTT.

If you are the kind of guy that likes to change your gear from season to season and are always on trend where do you find out what is hot and what’s not?  This is a genuine question because we have looked at the styles of the New York Menswear Fashion Week and can kind of see where they are going but would quite frankly be afraid to wear any of the clothes displayed without looking like a prize turnip.

One sure fire way to get an indication of the type of clothes that are going to hit the streets is by looking at the collections selected by online retailers such as, Stand-Out.Net and who will have interpreted the new trends and stocked their brands accordingly.  Many of us can’t really afford to replace our wardrobe every season so it is important that we choose classics within each trend, enabling us to wear them more than just once.

By looking at our featured image it seems that loose block coloured suits and red feet seem to be the new trend for a taster of the cat walk this video produced by Parke and Ronen (two designers) will give you a taster of the types of outfits on offer.

Looking some of these clothes maybe it would be just be safe to stick to a brand new white -T-shirt.


Back Packs To Help Prevent Back Pain

Back pain is likely to affect 80% of us at some point in our lives and it can be excruciatingly painful as well as debilitating.  There are many causes of back pain including; posture, medical conditions and general health issues.  Often we can reduce the impact of back pain by taking care of our body and changing our lives to accommodate it.  Simple measures such as; losing weight or exercising more can help us to control the pain in our backs.  In the past bed rest was considered to be a good way to deal with back pain but research has shown that keeping moving, despite the pain, is the best course of action.  Back pain can be triggered by; bad posture, turning round too quickly, stretching and carrying heavy bags – just by thinking a little bit about how you move and the pressure you put on your back is enough to make a little bit of difference to the pain you are feeling.

Carrying gadgets and lunch around can often cause pressure on your back and lead to back pain, the best type of bag to carry your stuff in is a back pack because it not only leaves your hands free it also allows the weight of your pack to be distributed down through your body. You must make sure that you wear your back pack correctly and don’t overload it or you will face further back problems. This diagram shows the correct way to carry a backpack on your back.


When you pack your back pack you must pack it in a certain order to make sure that you are distributing the weight correctly.  This diagram from, ‘Her Packing List‘, provides detailed instructions on how to pack your back pack correctly.  Obviously you will only packing a daily back pack but you can apply the instructions to whatever size back pack you are using.

These days back packs are big business and there are many designs available, Spiral and Hype produce extremely brightly coloured back packs that would look great on any holiday.  We have selected three classic back packs from Stand-Out.Net ranging from the robust Comutor 12 Hour Back Pack, The roomy Eastpak Provider Back Pack and the Classic Spiral Back Pack. These bags have all been chosen for their pedigree and because they are a good example of good value high quality back packs.


If you are already suffering from back pain and you would like to find out how to look after you back click on this link to the NHS Choices website where you will be given full details of causes, treatments and prevention of back pain

Five Great Blog Posts That Deal With Summer Office Wear

Generally when it is summer in the UK the weather is rarely dry and hot – it is often humid, muggy and sometimes chilly making our choice of clothes mismatched and generally practical.  Wearing clothes to suit how your body feels is pretty straight forward out of the office but in the office you do have to adhere to a formal dress code so it is important that you look presentable and feel comfortable at the same time.

We have scoured the internet to find blog posts that offer suggestions on the best clothes to wear at the office.


This blog post/slide show from GQ about, ‘Summer Office Wear‘, shows an interesting range of summer office clothes that you could wear or inspire you choose elements of it to look good behind your desk.


In Forbes, ‘How To Dress For Success In The Summer Months‘, is a rather brief article on what people generally wear and some office etiquette tips.


This chatty article from Stand-Out.Net ,’Dressing For Summer In The Office‘, gives tips on summer office etiquette and makes some suggestions on good value branded clothes you could buy.


Fashion Beans has pulled another great piece of advice out of the hat with their wonderfully presented, ‘Men’s Guide To Business Causal – The Summer Edition’.


Men’s Health have put together a slide show of expensive and exquisite office clothes in their article, ‘How To Dress At Work‘, although not exclusively relating to summer – they are definitely suitable for summer.

Whatever you choose to wear in the office this summer make sure that you buy a light weight rain coat so that you can dodge the summer showers.

Eight Of The Best Backpacks For Men!

A Back Pack makes travelling around in the Summer so easy, when the weather is good you no longer have huge coat pockets in which to put all of your bits and bobs in so a handy bag is a must.  A backpack enables you to roam around hands free and well prepared.

If you are looking for your 2015 backpack for all of your outings this Summer, this fine selection will give you plenty of food for thought.  The backpacks featured are available from the following online stores; Queens Leather, Stand-Out.Net, John Lewis, Marks and Spencer, Crag HoppersASOS, Hot Topic and Sports Direct.

How To Embrace 90’s Fashion Without Looking Like A Freak #SS15

For almost like for ever men’s fashion has been pretty dire and lacklustre. When men’s fashion does incorporate colour it tends to be bright, bold and excruciatingly wacky.  If you have fairly young parents you will have heard them talk about the nineties with the same nostalgia your grandparents relived the the sixties and seventies.  It goes without saying that 90’s music  was far superior then to the severely manufactured muppets of today, evidence of this is the fact that most television adverts have rave or indie music playing in the background.  It is especially amusing when music by Guns and Roses and Deaf Leopard are used in almost classical contexts.  The nineties was all about extremes and just letting yourself be who ever you wanted to be, clothes were practical and rebellious at the same time – I even have a battered pair of green Doc Martins from the good old days that still have plenty of bounce left in them.

The SS15 catwalks feature poor male models recreating the rave and indie look in ways that would leave the ordinary bloke racing for the nearest fire exit.  Let me tell you something – we never looked that ridiculous in the day – well I don’t think so anyway.  Do you like the picture of the bloke wearing his girlfriend’s bikini with shaving foam on his face – he is obviously trying to recreate the foam party look, as in our featured image!

Topman Design, Christopher Shannon and Coach, London Collections: Men, SS16

If you want to show that you respect the ethos of the rave culture but refuse to look like a clothes horse you may want to consider looking at Religion Clothing, which was born in 1989 and embraced the rave culture with gusto.  Now of course their original clientèle have all grown up and have children of their own but there is a phrase (made up by me), ‘Once A Raver Always A Raver’, and as ravers have matured so has the Religion Brand.  Children of ravers also tend to carry the hedonistic gene in their soul and being able to wear Religion clothing means that the Rave Culture can live free and for eternity.


This Praying Skeleton t-shirt from Religion Clothing is available at Stand-Out.Net and encompasses the New Rave without you looking like a ninny.

A Guide To Laptop Bags

There was a time that laptops were considered a smaller convenient alternative to the desk top PC.  These days however with the introduction of Star Trek type gadgets such as smart phones, tablets and now smart watches – laptops are cumbersome in comparison. Despite their size and weight laptops and net books are still the preferred method of producing documents and doing work on the move. In the past laptop bags seemed to cost a lot but looked quite cheap and looked really geeky (in a bad way) type of appearance.  Thankfully the range of laptop bags has increased as companies and designers have incorporated the practical nature of a laptop bag with designer influences.  We have been scouring the internet to find the most stylish laptop bags around.

Tucano Techyo 15 inch Laptop Backpack


This £45 Tucano laptop from Selfridges & Co is great for travels with your laptop.

Hilfiger Patrick Across Body Bag In Cognac


This £145.00 midnight blue and cognac bag from Zalando combines practicality and style.

Tech Air 15 inch Laptop Case And Optical Mouse

tech air

For £15.00 you can look really techy with this traditional la[top bag from Very

Luxury Leather Overnight Laptop Case By Rowallan


Make your business trips special with this £99.00 laptop and over night bag from Queens Leather.

Eastpak Reboot Laptop Bag


This £29.95 Sunday Grey Eastpak bag from Stand-Out.Net would make a good impression in any work environment.

Projects Star Wars Laptop Case

star wars

We are not sure if you can buy this particular one but if you are a fan of any particular film or television program – I am sure that Laura maybe able to help.

Obviously there are many more laptop bags to choose from but hopefully this selection will give you an idea of what is out there.